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Safepath: Bonus

“Congratulations on completing the 5-Step Challenge. You’ve done more to protect yourself with these simple steps than 90% of most people. For your efforts, I’d like to do more for you by helping you get even more online protection…for free.”

You Can Get MORE Privacy and Security When You’re Online at Home, On the Go, and When You Travel.

I want to help you get a VPN with a top-notch provider—for FREE.

Every online security expert will tell you to use a VPN whenever you’re connecting to free Wi-Fi or some other connection that’s not safe and secure.

What's a VPN, you ask? Good question! A Virtual Private Network is a program you download on your computer, or an app you install on your mobile phone. When you use your VPN as you’re online, your internet activity is instantly made secure, more private and protected, because your connection is rerouted through a more secure and highly encrypted network, and your real IP address is masked, to protect your whereabouts.

I’m recommending for you the VPNs providers (companies) -- that make money selling paid VPN subscriptions -- that also offer a free version of their plan. For many people, the free version, which offers just as good privacy and protection, will do just fine.

Note: Be sure to review the features and details of these free VPNs and decide which one will work best for you. You always have the option to upgrade to a paid version, or choose a different paid VPN altogether, for more VPN features.

Bonus: Get a Free VPN

Choose One of the Top Four Free VPNs Below

Using a VPN has many benefits, primarily more privacy, security and access to websites. So then, why doesn’t everyone use one?

The reason might be, simply, the cost. You see, many people think that VPNs should be free and they just don't want to pay for one. If you’re in that crowd, there’s good news. Free VPNs, respected and reliable ones, are available.

Here’s a look at four of the more popular ones.


ProtonVPN is based in Switzerland, and has the expert backing of the people who created ProtonMail. This VPN features some very helpful security attributes and has quickly garnered a large following and has an attractive free subscription offering.



TunnelBear is another VPN that offers premium accounts, as well as a free option. A major limitation with this VPN is that you can only use about 500 MB of data each month. However, if you tweet about the company, then you are granted an extra 1 GB for doing so.

This VPN service provider was recently bought by McAfee. So, it will likely be coming out as a major VPN service in the near future.

Advantages of TunnelBear:

  • Apps for PCs and Macs, iPhones and Androids
  • High speeds
  • No data logging
  • Large network
HideMe VPN is based in Malaysia and offers free accounts, as well premium ones. When using this VPN, you get 2GB data every month without any charges.

Advantages of the free version:

  • 2GB data per month for free
  • Decent speeds
  • Based in Malaysia with no strict data retention laws
  • No need to enter your payment details for registration

Windscribe is among the best free VPN services on the market, as it offers a number of benefits to its users. Apart from its VPN security features, it also offers ad blocking and firewall options. While Windscribe has premium accounts, it also offers a free plan that gives you 10GB data every month.

However, the number of servers you have access to are limited to just 10 and the speeds are not great. If you want better VPN services, you can switch to their premium account.

Advantages of the free version:

  • Decent speeds
  • Ability to use 10 servers across multiple countries
  • Very careful regarding storing online activity data
  • Adblock and firewall options are included