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Internet Experience Myth: You Can’t Get More Security, Privacy or Access.

Woman using her free WiFi at a coffeehouse

You can outwit hackers, the government, Netflix and take control of your internet experience by using a VPN.

While you love the amazing things you can do on the internet and all the information you can find, there are some things you experience about the internet you probably don’t like.

  • Ever felt a little worried using public Wi-Fi (like at Starbucks) or unsecure networks at school libraries or airports?
  • Did you know that your internet provider can sell your online activity data and that advertisers track your internet activity?
  • How do you feel about your government spying on you?
  • Do you hate it when your team’s game is blacked out where you are, or when a website (like Netflix) denies you access to content?

Most people think that’s simply the state of the internet today, and they think there’s nothing they can do about improving their internet experience.

Don’t believe it. 

Truth is, you can get the upper hand when it comes to controlling your internet experience…by using a VPN.

Internet Experience Myth

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Control the Internet and Your Internet Experience! Start using a Virtual Private Network.

A good VPN (Virtual Private Network) takes the connection you’re on and, like magic, creates a secure connection, better protects your privacy, and will get you through walls trying to keep you out.

Here’s even better news: No one will be able to stop you.

Click to learn how to gain control of the internet.


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