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Hey, Mom and Dad! I Need a Gaming Computer, and Here’s Why

Red and blue LED light

Hey, Mom—you know how Uncle Steve gave me his old desktop to use when I started high school? Well, it works for school stuff just fine, but there’s a bit of a problem, at least in my eyes. That’s because the computer just doesn’t let me do other things I really want to do.

You see, although the old reliable computer works well for typing up essays for school, surfing the Web for information, and watching YouTube occasionally, I can’t do much more than that.

What I really mean is that I can’t play cool, popular and sophisticated computer games that I want to play.

Old-school technology.

The computer Uncle Steve gave me just doesn’t have the kinds of components (inside parts) that are required for playing games on a computer…the way they are meant to be played. It’s a reliable school computer, but it’s not powerful enough to be a “gaming” computer. It needs more memory, a bigger hard drive to store the games, and a powerful graphics card to be able to show high-resolution images. The one that is in there now is small and is built into what’s called the motherboard, Mother.

In other words, we can’t just add these things to the computer. It won’t work.

Not all fun and games.

Before you say no, I want you to see that there’s more to this than you think.

Please keep in mind that a gaming computer is a still great, powerful computer. A gaming computer is actually perfect for a bright kid like me to use for school, for communication, for multitasking and for being able to use a lot of sophisticated programs, such as video editing. It’s not just about doing my homework and printing it out anymore.

Yes, Mom, with a better computer I could be an even better student and learn more things. And I know you want me to have all the educational advantages I can get.

Gaming the system.

But honestly, for me the key word in all this is “gaming.” A gaming computer would give me the option of being able to play high-quality games—and that also means I wouldn’t have to use the game console and TV, allowing you and Dad to keep watching your home improvement shows.

Best of all, as soon as I wrap up my homework each night using my great computer, I could instantly relax and start playing my favorite PC games…without even having to move from my desk.

My friends are able to play games like Planetside 2, Counterstrike: Global Offensive, Grand Theft Auto, and Heroes & Generals. They have computers with components that make it possible. They’re also learning a lot about military history and strategy. Isn’t that great?

Saving you money.

Now you might be thinking, “Aren’t gaming computers really expensive?” Some are, yes. But, if you give me the money to build my own desktop, it can save you hundreds of dollars. My friend Justin built his own gaming computer for around $950. Compare that to my other friend, Liam, who bought his gaming computer pre-built and spent over $1,800 on it.

I want to save you as much money as possible with this purchase and investment in my education and happiness. Going for the first option is clearly cheaper than the latter, and it will give me something productive to do instead of sitting on the couch and frequently raiding the fridge of all the food we have. (Without gaming, I get bored fast.)

And it will be a fantastic learning experience for me. I will have to research and find all the parts that I need and buy them. The assembly will take me a few weeks, but I’ll be able to expand my knowledge of technology while doing so. Plus, I’ll have to call my friends for advice at times, so it will almost be like a school project. (I love learning!)

And by building my own gaming computer, I’ll be able to develop the technical skills that are important in today’s workplace. The whole world’s moving that way and gaming would get me very involved in the latest computer technology.

Let’s spend some time together…shopping.

Here’s what it boils down to: I want a gaming computer to be able to do my homework efficiently, do research quickly, and create spreadsheets or videos fast and efficiently. I also want to be able to play the latest games.

Can we start shopping for the components I need? I think it would be good for you to see firsthand what it takes to build a top-notch computer.

Besides, I need your credit card.

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