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Avoid a Scam and Stay Safe With these 8 Simple Tricks

Scam Savy

When you adopt a few new habits, you can avoid a scam when it comes your way.

People who are victims of a scam always wonder if they could they have done anything differently to avoid it. Turns out, they could have done a few things.

Scam Savy - 8 ways to avoid walking into a trap.

The first step in avoiding a scam is the most important.

Make sure you click the link below to read the entire article on It goes into detail on each of the eight great tips that will help you avoid a con artist’s fraud and tricks. For now, I’d like to say a little more about what could be the most important of the tips. 

Not surprisingly, it’s tip number 1— “Don’t engage.”

To avoid a scam, act like a kid and don’t talk to strangers.

We all know the basic advice that parents, teachers and other adults tell children—don’t talk to strangers. Of course, as adults we all have learned how to take care of ourselves and have learned how to talk to strangers and avoid trouble.

That’s mostly true, most of the time…but not all the time.

The more you listen, the more danger you’re in.

Research shows that when it comes to scams, 80% of people manage to break off the conversation with a scam artist and avoid trouble. If not right away, soon enough to avoid trouble. Out of the remaining 20% who stay engaged in conversations, most eventually end the conversation, for whatever reason. 

That’s great news, right? 

No. Because that means the 10% who stayed engaged are likely going to become a victim, and scammers are very satisfied with those percentages.

Therefore, the real takeaway for the first tip—“don’t engage”—is this: the sooner you disengage from a conversation (or email, or text) that you didn’t start or you don’t trust, the better off you are. 

Read the full article at on the eight ways you can avoid a scam the next time you get an odd phone call or an email out of the blue. Help your friends avoid a scam by sharing this news!

Click to read about the scam-savvy tips.

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