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Data Sources and APIs

Public IP Address

Scripted access to our homepage or IP details pages are not permitted.

We provide several pages that return just the public IP address of the device making the request. You may programmatically query that server but limit queries to no more than once per five minutes and include an appropriate user agent that will allow us to contact you if needed. Requests with a blank user agent may be dropped. Both http and https requests are supported.

  • – Responds to IPv4 & IPv6 queries.
  • – Responds to IPv4 queries only.
  • – Responds to IPv6 queries only.

Please visit this page periodically for service updates. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Geolocation Data

We do not provide API access to any of the geolocation data. Strict rate limiting is enforced on both the homepage and IP address detail pages. Feel free to link to from your website or application, but please do not attempt scripted access. We now support both uncompressed and compressed IPv6 lookups. If you are looking for geolocation data for your website or application we suggest that you look at the product offerings from the major commercial geolocation database providers.

Proxy Server Data

At this time we do not provide API access to proxy server identification. This is a project that we are looking into. Please check back here periodically for availability.

Blacklist Data

We do not provide an API for IP blacklist status as the information can be easily obtained by performing a simple DNS query against the blacklist’s name servers.

Other Data

All other data points are not available from us via an API and at this time we do not expect it made available in the near future.

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