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10 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Linux


Twenty years ago, Linux was an operating system that only super-savvy techies used. Today, Linux has become so user-friendly that anyone can benefit from it. If you’re a Windows or macOS user and you’re tired of putting up with some of the quirks of these operating systems, you might be ready to switch to Linux.

Using a new OS can seem daunting, but you’ll get the hang of Linux in no time. To help convince you, here are 10 reasons why Linux is a better OS than Windows or macOS.

1. It’s free

Linux is 100% free to download and use — one of the most compelling reasons to give Linux a try. Moreover, most applications and software for Linux are free, too. You can find great alternatives to your favorite programs, such as LibreOffice for MS Office, or GIMP for Adobe Photoshop. With zero money spent on the OS and apps, you can try Linux risk-free. It also encourages you to play around with different Linux distros to see which one you like best. Some Linux distros do require you to pay, but almost all of them are free.

2. It’s more secure and private

When you use Linux, you’re far less likely to have security issues than when you use Windows or macOS. Linux systems aren’t targeted as often as Windows and Mac devices, so very little Linux malware exists. Threats to Linux systems are so rare that you may not even need antivirus software when you use Linux. Because Linux is open-source and has a large and engaged developer community, bugs are found and resolved quickly. Linux is also better on privacy because there’s no tracking of personal data like there is with Windows or Mac. You don’t have to create a Microsoft account, Apple ID, or any kind of profile to use Linux. It’s a free OS, so the developers aren’t trying to make money off of selling your data.

3. Customize everything

Linux is highly customizable. You can change the look and feel of each distro by adding a different desktop environment such as Cinnamon, Budgie, or Gnome. You can make the desktop look like Windows 10, macOS, or create your own. Change colors, buttons, movement behaviors, basically whatever you want. Modifying these elements doesn’t take advanced skills, either.

4. Install apps and software easily

On most Linux distros, you can add new apps and software from one software center. You don’t have to go online and find the software and download the installer to add it to your OS. You simply search for it in your software center and add it. It’s similar to the App Store or Google Play Store on mobile devices. Yes, Windows has the Microsoft Store, but the offerings are more limited than a Linux software center.

5. Updates are easier

We can all agree that one of the most infuriating things about Windows is the automatic updates. You’re almost always in the middle of something important when your PC or laptop becomes inoperable for about 15 minutes because it needs to process an update. Unwanted and unexpected updates are not a problem with Linux. You decide when you want to do updates, and there’s no disruption while the update is happening. Also, updates on Linux cover both the OS and all of your software.

6. Fewer crashes

Linux tends to run more smoothly than Windows. It’s rare that apps or software crash on Linux.  When they do, they don’t hold up your entire system. You can also isolate crashed apps from the rest of the system with a virtual console and regain control of your desktop. The Blue Screen of Death is no longer something you have to worry about with Linux.

7. Compatible with old hardware

Due to planned obsolescence with Windows and macOS, you have to buy new hardware to run the latest versions of these operating systems. But with Linux, you don’t need shiny new hardware. As an OS, Linux is slim and doesn’t require powerful or modern hardware to function properly. You can save money by hanging onto your old hardware. You can also help the environment by not throwing away your old computer equipment and contributing to e-waste.

8. Engaged support community

Because Linux has become so popular, there’s a large community of users who share tips, advice, and bug fixes online. Linux is open-source, so there’s no official support for it like there is for Windows or macOS. It isn’t hard to find resources about Linux. There are plenty of blogs, publications, and forums. If you’re new to Linux and don’t understand something, there’s a more experienced user out there willing to help.

9. It’s portable

As a slim and free OS, you can carry Linux around on a USB flash drive or key and run it from that tiny device. You don’t actually have to install Linux on your computer to use it. You can boot it up and run a live environment all from that from the USB drive. This option is perfect if you want to try out Linux before fully committing to it, or if you want to experiment with different distros.

10. No extra apps that come with the OS

When you purchase and boot up a new copy of Windows, it comes loaded with bloatware. These are programs and apps that you don’t want or need. They can drain processing speed. On Linux, all these extra programs aren’t even added in the first place. Most distros come with only the essentials, and you can choose to go even more minimal when you install Linux.

It’s time to switch to Linux

Overall, Linux is easier to use, more secure, and completely customizable compared to Windows and macOS. There’s more than enough reasons to at least give Linux a try and see how you like it. You may give up other operating systems for good.

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