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Many people spend a significant number of hours on the Internet every month, every week and every day. We all know what we can do on the Internet—shop, browse, do research—but we know little about the Internet itself.

These interesting articles will give you some insights into the global network that we like, use and rely on.

  1. An inside look at the Internet
  2. Who invented the Internet?
  3. "Dot com" and "dot org." What does it all mean?
  4. What is a Domain Name?
  5. Is the Internet the same as the Web?
  6. Who are the "Enemies of the Internet"?
  7. Internet and intranet: Are they the same?
  8. The Great Firewall of China
  9. What is a Regional Internet Registry?
  10. What is an ISP?
  11. What is Dialup Internet Service?
  12. What is ISDN Internet Service?
  13. What is DSL Internet Service?
  14. What is Broadband Internet Service?
  15. What is DNS?
  16. What is DNSSEC?
  17. What is Public DNS?
  18. What is Smart DNS?
  19. Why You Might Not Want to Use Your ISP's DNS


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