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VPN Myth #1 – Only computer nerds have the know-how to stay SECURE online [INFOGRAPHIC]

Want to Know a Huge Secret? You Can Get More Security on the Internet.

Most everyone who goes online falls into one of these categories:

  • There are some who don’t think much about hackers and online thieves, figuring it will never happen to them.
  • There are those keep their fingers crossed when they shop, bank and work online, especially on the road, at hotels, in malls and airports.

Both groups have something in common—they don’t know there’s something can they can do to get more security online.

The colorful infographic below profiles Internet users (everyday people like you) who took action to be more safe and secure when they’re online.

What did they do?

They started using a VPN…a virtual private network.

VPN Security Infographic

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Maybe you’ve heard about VPNs before, but haven’t gotten around to using one for yourself.

It’s time you did.

Especially for those specific instances when you need to have a hackproof, extra-secure Internet connection.

Click to learn how VPNs can help you become more secure online.


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