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Senior scams

iPhone Safety for Seniors

Making Phones Hack-Proof for Seniors, Friends and Family.

There are number of ways seniors can be fooled by scammers via their phones. However, there are seven ways we can help seniors and others be more scam savvy.

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Senior Getting Scammed

The Never-Ending Scams on Seniors

Con artists adapt to the times, technology and trends, so they’ll use a variety of approaches to target seniors. The fact that seniors have some familiarity with technology and are comfortable with texts, emails and phone calls makes a con artist’s job simpler.

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Teens on Their Devices

Millennials Are Scammed More Than You Think and the Stats Prove It.

It would be wrong to conclude that the younger generation is more gullible and that’s why they’re falling for scams in greater numbers these days. You could simply say they’re learning the hard way and learning fast—and there is some truth to that.

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