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Chris Hadnagy talks about what social engineering is and how it works.

Learn How Social Engineering is Tricking Your Brain – And What to Do About It

Most of us are aware that there are tactics that people can use to influence your opinions and actions. In both legitimate marketing and scams, for example, urgency can convince you to do something before you think it through. But urgency isn’t the only strategy. Social engineering is full of tools and tactics that influence…

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Dangers Online. Are You On The Safepath?

There are Dangers Online. How Can You Get On the Safe Path?

You could lower the risk of running into any troubles online, and get on the Safepath, with just a handful of steps that are fairly simple to do, meaning not very technical.

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ExpressVPN Review

ExpressVPN Review

ExpressVPN Review: Introduction Whether you’re looking for a VPN to stay safe on public WiFi connections or to stream your favorite shows on Netflix, this ExpressVPN review will help you out. They are among the top VPN providers and offer a number of features. While their prices are a bit on the higher side, ExpressVPN…

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Private Internet Access Review

Private Internet Access VPN Review

The Name of this Very Popular VPN Says It All. Private Internet Access (or PIA as it is sometimes called) is one of the most prominent VPN choices in the market. And despite the fact that they offer high-grade encryption and fast speeds, they have very affordable plans. PIA gives you the option to select…

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Check Fraud is Happening More Often

Check Fraud Alert! Your Parents and Grandparents Probably Still Like Writing Checks.

If a criminal can get their hands on someone’s personal check, they can alter the check using a variety of methods and direct the payment to themselves. They can alter the information on check amount, so, for example a $50 donation to a charity becomes a $500 payment to a total stranger.

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Meme: Not Sure If This Is a Scam or the Best Job Ever

Job Scams Are Growing! Don’t Lose Money While Trying to Make Money!

Job scams—supposed employment opportunities that are actually schemes set up by criminals to take your money. Not only are fake job listings on the rise, according to experts, but they’re also getting extremely hard to detect. There was a time when there were certain giveaways—bad spelling, poorly designed websites and ads—but not anymore.

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Kiri Addison talks about email phishing trends and protection tools.

Protect Yourself and Your Company from Email Phishing

Online threats are always evolving. It seems like every day there’s a new kind of cyber-attack to watch out for. Email phishing may not be a new kind of attack, but it’s evolving too. It can leverage the news, the weater, popular trends, upcoming holidays, and hundreds of other topics to trick you. And some…

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Multiple ethernet cables connected to a switch

What Is Ethernet?

When it comes to dealing with Internet device connections and networks, most of us have at least heard of the technological terminology involved. USB cables, WiFi, routers, and ethernet connections are used by everyone — even when we don’t necessarily understand how they work.  When discerning what connections will work best for your needs, you…

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