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Check Out These Safety and Privacy Gifts for 2021


Forget the coffee mug, sweater or box of regifted candy this holiday season; instead, consider these safety and privacy gifts for 2021. Why not give someone you care about a gift this season that protects them from thieves, prying eyes and other privacy and security incidents. Check out these options, then review and shop. They’re all available on

For your eyes only.

Anti-Spy iPhone Screen Prevents Snooping 

Are you ever worried that someone is reading your texts or emails over your shoulder, or wish that you could prevent that from happening? This privacy screen protector has “anti-spy tempered glass,” meaning that both your phone and your private information are protected.

I see you but you can’t see me.

Video Doorbell Let’s You See Who’s Coming and Going

Someone’s knocking at your door, but you can’t see who it is. With the Ring Video Doorbell, you can feel at ease knowing that you have visibility at your door 24/7.

Keep out. This means you!

Door Security Bar Keeps Bad Guys Out

Intruders and burglars are a serious threat to the safety of our homes. Using the Master Lock Door Security Bar, you now have the upper hand in securing your house and family.

You looking at me? (I don’t think so.)

Peephole Cover Stops Hotel Creeps and Crooks

While traveling, whether for leisure or business, you should always ensure no one is spying on you— even in your hotel room. Peephole covers can prevent anyone with ill intent to see into your room from the outside.

It’s not stuck. It’s locked. (And safe.)

Invisible Cabinet Lock Keeps Valuables Safe

Valuables, guns and important documents should always be kept in a secure location. The Bluetooth RFID hidden Cabinet Lock can turn any drawer, closet, or wardrobe into a secure place to store your private possessions. 

Remember, crooks pick up a lot of business during the holiday season, when people are shopping, busy and distracted. These privacy and security gifts help give us the advantage.

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