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Safepath | The 5-Step Challenge
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Five Easy (and Free) Steps to Greater Online Safety

Cybercrimes, scams, data breaches, ransomware and more are on the rise. The bad news is, that’s not going to change anytime soon.

The good news is, boosting your security profile and reducing your risk doesn’t have to be complicated. All it takes is doing five things in five step, and the sooner and better. With each step, you’ll make it harder for anyone to invade your privacy and threaten your security.

Best of all, each step is easy, effective and FREE. We call it being on the Safepath to greater online privacy and security. And to give you a push and incentive to boost your safety, I created the 5-Step Challenge.

The Safepath 5-Step Challenge

We have created five simple steps that cover the basics of online safety. They’re very easy to do, yet still very effective when it comes to protecting your accounts, identity and connections when you’re online.

The key to it all, of course, is completing ALL the steps, which is what the 5-Step challenge is all about.

Here's a quick look at them:

Check for Compromised Accounts

See if you have accounts that have been compromised in a data breach. Use our Data Breach Check tool.

Secure Free Wi-Fi Connections

Turn unsecure Wi-Fi into secure connections. Set up a Wi-Fi Hotspot for your laptop with your smartphone.

Prevent Unauthorized Logins

Prevent hackers from opening one of your accounts, even if they know your password. by using two-factor authentication.

Check for Windows or macOS Updates

Make sure your computer isn’t open to easy hacks. Protect your operating system (OS) by downloading important updates.

Set Up Free Credit Fraud Alerts

Set up credit monitoring and reduce the risk of credit fraud and identity theft. 

Why the Safepath 5-Step Challenge Works

Protecting your money, privacy and identity online goes way beyond antivirus programs these days. What’s more, there’s no one looking out for your safety: It’s you against the internet and the cybercrooks in it. That means you need to take control of protecting your private life and information online. The Safepath 5-Step Challenge gets you off to a great start.

With each simple, smart and safe step you complete, you make it harder for hackers and cybercrooks to victimize you.



Each step is basic, yet vital
to your security.



Security experts say thes steps increase your privacy safety.



Each step helps strengthen your security.

Chris Parker

Chris Parker

Founder and CEO,

“What can I do to stay safer online?” That’s the question Chris Parker gets asked the most. Even though his website gives plenty of information about online safety, Chris realized people needed more…a simple plan of action that doesn’t require a lot of time, money. effort and technical know-how. Chris talks to privacy and security experts from around the world and shares what he discovers with millions of website visitors every month.

Take the Safepath 5-Step Challenge

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