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Privacy Gift Ideas...because Protecting Your Identity and Personal Information is No Laughing Matter

Gift ideas for the Privacy-Concerned Person You Know So Well

Shop for friends...and for yourself too! You're going to like a lot of these items.

Sure, you can buy a tin-foil cap as a gag-gift—but the fact is, we all should be taking extra steps these days to protect our money, information, privacy and identity. The holidays give you the perfect opportunity to give a gift to a friend or family member so they can better protect themselves. And we have a list of ideas for you right here.

Think "protection," not "paranoia."

A recent survey showed that many people have more fears about losing their privacy and identity theft than other concerns, such as long-term finances or personal safety. Taking steps to protect our identity and protect our information is smart thinking today.


Do your friends a favor and set them up with the gift of protection from our 2019 Privacy Gift List. Click on the link and you'll go straight to where holiday deals are waiting. And while you're at it, throw a few extras in the checkout cart for yourself.*

Privacy Screen for Computers

Wary of someone looking over your shoulder and seeing your personal information on your computer screen, or wondering what you're looking at online? Get a computer privacy screen to prevent peering people or casual looker and lurkers from seeing what you're doing on your laptop.

computer privacy screen

RFID Card Sleeves to Protect Credit Cards

Looking to protect your credit cards or cards with personal information on them? These RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) wallet sleeves will do the trick and keep crooks from stealing your identity and money.

RFID Card and Passport Sleeves

RFID Blocking Wallets to Protect Your Cards

Prevent your cards in your pocket from being "skimmed" by hackers with this special RFID blocking wallet.

RFID blocking wallet

RFID Passport Holders for Ultra Protection

Traveling this holiday season? Well don't forget to pack your RFID passport holder. Bring a couple more for friends and family. .

RFID Passport Holders

Hotel Peep-Hole Cover Stops Spying

If you're traveling, remember to pack a peephole cover so you can rest in your room peacefully knowing someone can't use the hotel-door peephole to spy on you!

Hotel Peep-hole covers

Keezel VPN for Online Security and Unrestricted Online Access

Meet the Keezel VPN; a portable, easy-to-use Virtual Private Network that keeps you safe and out of harm's way from those pesky hackers. Did we mention it accesses blocked content? Perfect for family and small business use, especially while traveling!

Keezel VPN

Webcam Stickers Block Internet Spies

The cameras on our laptops, tablets and/or smartphones do more than just take pictures, right? Don't they spy on us as well? Probably. So go ahead and cover it up with these awesome and easily removable and reusable webcam stickers. Better safe than sorry.

Webcam stickers

False Beard for a Temporary New Look

Wishing you could grow a nice set of whiskers for the holiday season, but don't want to have to put up with all the maintenance? Give this false beard a shot. Stay hidden, handsome, and heated this winter.

False Beard

Fake Glasses & Nose

Going to a Groucho Marx holiday party? (Or just looking for a cheesy disguise to call attention to yourself?) Say no more! Grab yourself a pair of funny glasses with quite a large schnoz.

Glasses & Nos

Yubikey Easy Two-Factor Authentication

Accounts can be accessed too easily by hackers. If only there was a way to have a physical two-factor identification USB stick to put in your computer so you feel absolutely secure about all of my passwords and usernames. Oh, wait... there is.

Yubikey Easy Two-Factor Authentication

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from WhatIsMyIPAddress.com

* WhatIsMyIPAddress.com may receive compensation from Amazon if you purchase a gift we recommend; but be assured, you'll will always get the best price Amazon is offering.

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