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Computer Names: Setting & Finding Your Device

Are you and your computer on a first-name basis? That is to say, did you know your computer has a name if it’s on a network? Fact is, every computer on a network has both a name and an IP address. (On a network, your computer is referred to as a “host.”) Why a name…

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What is a Colocation Facility?

As the proliferation and necessity of Internet hosting continues to increase in this technology age, large and small businesses must keep up with the demands of staying relevant and available online. The difficulty in handling this technical need for most businesses, especially small ones, is establishing a server with a strong enough bandwidth to handle…

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Is Cloudflare

Cloudflare DNS: Consumer Privacy is Priority

It wasn’t an April Fool’s joke or the usual cute media stunt pulled by tech companies every April 1st. Cloudflare’s launch of its first consumer product — – is real, and claims to be the “Internet’s fastest, privacy-first consumer DNS service”. The decision to launch on April 1 was a geeky play on the…

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Cloud Storage

Using the “Cloud” Makes It Easy to Get Your Files Anywhere, at Any Time. For some computer users, especially those over the age of 40, technology can seem a little scary…or at least “unsafe.” Sometimes the new, fast and “digital” way of doing something doesn’t seem as safe as the old way. For instance, there…

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How to Clear Cookies on Your Browser

Clearing Cookies

How Do I Clear My Cookies? To delete/clear your cookies follow the instructions for your specific browser. Internet Explorer FireFox Netscape Opera Chrome Settings Menu Privacy Section Select “Clear browsing data…” Button Select “Clear browsing data” Button FireFox Tools Menu Select Options Select “Cookies” Tab Select “Delete Cookies Now” Button Safari Preferences Menu Select “Privacy”…

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CIDR Conversion Table

What is CIDR Notation?

Classless inter-domain routing (CIDR) is a set of Internet Protocol (IP) standards that is used to create unique identifiers for networks and individual devices. The IP addresses allow particular information packets to be sent to specific computers. Shortly after the introduction of CIDR, technicians found it difficult to track and label IP addresses, so a…

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Easy Steps to Make Your Google Chrome More Secure

Chrome Default Privacy Settings You Should Change Now

Your browser is a piece of software on your device that connects you to the Internet – which probably makes it the most important (unless you spend all day “geeking out” over numbers on spreadsheets). That’s why it’s important for your browser to able to stand up to the online vulnerabilities and security threats. In…

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Watch Out for Charity Scams During Natural Disasters

Beware of Charity Scams After Natural Disasters

After a natural disaster, it’s natural to feel sympathy for the people affected. Some people volunteer to travel to help clean up and rebuild after a hurricane, tornado, flood, or other disaster. For most of us, though, the best way we can help is by donating money to those doing the work. But there are…

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