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Online Safety

Security Concerns for Newborns and Assisted Reproduction

Assisted reproductive technology has advanced considerably in the past few decades. Today, would-be parents have several options apart from traditional insemination. With the various methods used in assisted reproduction, maintaining privacy and security over your personal healthcare data can become a concern. If you’re involved in assisted reproduction as a donor or recipient, or if…

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How to Get the Most Out of a Password Manager

By now, you’ve probably read dozens of articles about how important strong passwords are. If you use passwords a lot but haven’t taken the time to strengthen them, then it might be time to start using a password manager. Password managers have become a popular method for the average Internet user to keep track of…

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Long Lost Relative Scams & Other Issues with DNA Testing

The popularity of genealogy and DNA testing services like 23andme,, and MyHeritage are helping people learn more about themselves. You can have your DNA tested for diseases and genetic conditions, your full ethnicity, and in some cases, your genealogy can help you meet long-lost relatives.  Or, maybe these DNA companies are just logging your…

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Scams by Generation

The Scams by Generation Will Surprise You

Roll back the clock forty years ago, and the senior citizens of that day were likely the most targeted age group. Today, however, technology and societal interaction has changed that.

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What’s a Burner Number and Why Do You Need One?

In today’s digital world, when you never know who could be watching your activity online. You may wonder how to best keep your information safe. One way to stay relatively anonymous is with a temporary phone number or burner number. When you consider how often you use your phone number to sign up for online…

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How Everyday IT Tools Can Offer ‘God Mode’ to Devilish Hackers

SO, if you geek out on Mr. Robot even half as much as we did, it’s pretty amazing to consider how art imitates life — and how life imitates art. In the premiere of season 2 of Mr. Robot, the society hackers made good on their threat to bring down the evil E Corp. With…

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Social Media Scams: How Dangerous Is It to Add Random People?

Social media scams are all too common. According to the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), people reported in the first six months of 2020 losing a record high of $117 million to scams that began on social media. These scams can vary in type, but many of them start with sending an unsuspecting victim a…

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Bank Scams and How to Avoid Them

Some of the most common scams involve going after your money. Fraudsters have invented a myriad of ways to either get money from you or get you to hand over your bank or credit card information. Bank and financial scams target everyone, from university students to senior citizens.  Know which bank scams you may come…

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