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Online Safety

A hacker with a progress bar on computer in dark room

Types of Cyber Attacks and How to Prepare for Them

The term cyber attack may cause your palms to sweat and your body to shake in fear. Cyber attacks sound as malevolent as terrorist attacks, and in some ways they can prove just as harmful.  Many of us assume we’ll never have to deal with this threat — we have Internet security and firewall protection…

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An image of forensic image

Digital Forensics | How to Protect Your Data and Your Privacy

Digital forensics is a subcategory of forensic science that looks at evidence found on computers, digital devices, internet networks, and any other digital platform. If forensics is the science of investigating a crime scene, think of digital forensics as the science of investigating a digital crime scene.  When someone uses the internet or a digital…

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iPhone Safety for Seniors

Making Phones Hack-Proof for Seniors, Friends and Family.

There are number of ways seniors can be fooled by scammers via their phones. However, there are seven ways we can help seniors and others be more scam savvy.

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Parental Controls

Parents Must Take Control Keep Kids Safe Online.

You think it would be obvious or automatic that parents would be in control of what their own children are doing or seeing online. Sadly, that’s not the case. Not even close. It’s not even necessarily a battle between parents and the world of the internet. It’s a battle between parents and their children as well.

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Cryptocurrency Recovery Scam

Crypto Recovery Scams Pile on the Loss and the Pain.

The scammers (or pretenders) who claim to be able help victims recover money in a crypto fraud cases are lying. They’re giving false hope to the desperate victims while taking their money along the way.

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A man setting up his wifi router

What Is SSID (Service Set Identifier) & How it Works

An SSID is a Service Set Identifier.  Simply put, your SSID is the name of your network. When you look at a list of available Wi-Fi connections from your phone, laptop, or other device, all of those available networks are SSIDs.  First, an SSID is set by default. However, you can change it to something…

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A photo displaying a browser address bar

Complete Guide and List of HTTP Status Codes

HTTP status codes are a communication tool between servers and browsers.  The status code is what allows both the server and the browser to know exactly what is going on when it comes to requests and responses. If you have ever noticed a “404 Error” on a website you’re trying to load, then you have…

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A man and woman looking worried because of an evil twin attack on their computer

How Evil Twin Attacks Work and How to Protect Yourself

Imagine, if you will, that you’re hooked on a soap opera. For years, your favorite character has been Wiley Finlay — a dashing, handsome, and reliable hero. However, he begins to act out of character. He looks like Finlay, he sounds the same, but Wiley Finlay now has a mustache to twirl and takes part…

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