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Online Safety

The 7 Best Encrypted Messaging Apps for Android

Most of us couldn’t live without messaging apps. Whether we’re talking to family, friends, or colleagues, these apps keep us communicating no matter where we are in the world. As convenient as messaging apps are, they can also lead to privacy issues. Messages you think are private might be read by third parties, or the…

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Teens on Their Devices

Millennials Are Scammed More Than You Think and the Stats Prove It.

It would be wrong to conclude that the younger generation is more gullible and that’s why they’re falling for scams in greater numbers these days. You could simply say they’re learning the hard way and learning fast—and there is some truth to that.

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Free VPNs from Top Providers

A Top-Rated FREE VPN Could Make Your Holidays Great and Safe!

You might not know this, but some of the top-rated VPNs (that charge only a few dollars a month for their subscription plans) also offer a FREE VPN plan. These free versions provide the security and privacy you need when you need it.

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Year-end Savings for Years to Come

HOLIDAY VPN DEALS ALERT: Get a Fully Loaded VPN for Just a Few Dollars a Month

If you know about VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) and have been waiting for the lowest monthly cost for a top-rated VPN (maybe under $3.00!) check out the Holiday VPN Deals that are available right now!

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What To Do If You’ve Been Part of a Data Breach

These days, it seems like data breaches happen so frequently consumers can hardly keep up. Almost every week there are headlines about another company that’s been breached. What should you do if you have an account with one of these breached organizations, and your information has been exposed? When you hear about a data breach…

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Hack-Proof Your Website

Imagine spending hours on your website, carefully creating every page and post—only to have it hacked and all of your hard work ruined. Nobody wants to be in this situation, especially if they run a website where they collect user information and a breach can expose all that personal data. The first thing you should…

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Network Security for Dummies: Guarding Your Home Network

A wireless home network is one of the most convenient of modern conveniences. Having Wi-Fi at home so we can connect our smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even refrigerators to the Internet makes our lives easier. But it is also a security risk. Hackers are just waiting to crack open your network and uncover your secrets…

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How Safe is Shopping Online?

Online shopping has grown tremendously in the last decade, especially in 2020. Digital Commerce 360 estimated that ecommerce in the U.S. grew by a whopping 44% in 2020 compared to 2019. More online shopping has led to more cybercrime directed at online retailers as well. Tech company Red Points surveyed 150 U.S. ecommerce brands in…

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