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Online Safety

Packet Sniffing. How the Bad Guys Spy On Your Data Online

Packet Sniffing. How Bad Guys Spy On Your Data

Hackers and others maybe utilizing “packet sniffing” to read your personal data You’ll often hear that you should be careful when using the Internet, because you never know who’s spying on us. Indeed, there are some Internet gurus out there (more than you might think) who are convinced that most Internet Service Providers (ISPs), the…

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7 Online Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes

Which 7 Online Mistakes Will You Make Today?

It’s the everyday habits that put you at risk. There are two types of people who go online. Those who have run into trouble or have been hacked Those who have (luckily) managed to avoid any issues We say “lucky” because the majority of people are “guilty” of online behavior that tends to put them…

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Six Computer-Buying Tips that are Super Helpful

Buying a Computer? Don’t Do These Six Things

There are plenty of us who don’t know that much about computers, other than how to use them. With some luck, maybe the last computer you purchased (or was purchased for you) is still working. However, once it’s time to go shopping for a new computer, it can get a little nerve-racking if you haven’t…

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Top 4 VPNs for Watching Netflix

4 VPNs for Watching Netflix

Netflix has become a household name for the digital natives and nomads of today because there are few creature comforts — like a library of your favorite movies and TV shows – that you can bring with you and have access to anywhere in the world with a click of a mouse. If you go…

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Money Mules Don

Crooks Are Hiring Job Seekers and Turning them into ‘Money Mules’

Strange things can happen when someone is over-eager or even desperate to find work or to come up with a way to make some money. In today’s world, many people go searching for solutions online. It’s when you’re looking for work opportunities on the Internet that you might accidentally walk right into a trap—a fraudulent…

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Top 5 Mobile Security Threats and How to Avoid Them

The Most Common Mobile Security Threats and How to Avoid Them

How many times a day do you think you check your phone? Is it 20, 50, 70? Whatever is the number you estimate, double it and then you might be somewhere close. According to psychologists, people use their smartphones twice as much as they think they do. This is no surprise, given that the convenience…

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Top 5 Mobile VPNs

Top 5 Mobile VPNs

The advances in technology over the decades are phenomenal. Consider this: The mobile phone/smartphone in your pocket has more computing power than NASA used to go to the moon in the 1960s—the Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) had approximately 64Kb of memory and operated at 0.043Mhz. Arguably, you’re also probably more attached to it than some…

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Man-in-the-Middle Attacks explained, defined

Man-in-the-Middle Attack: When Hackers Eavesdrop on Your Connection.

Not all hackers are after attention. Some just want money. You might think, and hope, that being aware of all the latest scams and tricks that are on the Internet will keep the online thieves away. After all, if you’re smart AND you know what to look for, you won’t fall for somewhat obvious scams…

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