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Online Safety

Mandrake Android Virus

Mandrake Spyware Could Be Lurking Inside Your Android Phone

Cybercrooks know people live on their phones and scammers have shifted plenty of attention to attacking our smartphones, as they do with our computers. They’ll send your phone text messages and emails with links to corrupted files that have virus and spyware.

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Best Chrome Security Extensions

Whenever you open a web browser and connect to the Internet, you take a security risk. The web is full of malicious cybercriminals. To protect your privacy and safeguard your device against attacks, you need a secure web browser. Google Chrome is the most popular web browser on the market—as of 2019, 2.6 billion Internet…

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What Is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking has become a vital part of the information security field today. Skills in penetration testing, password cracking, and social engineering are hot commodities for companies that want to boost their security. If you want to become an ethical hacker, or if you’re just curious about the profession, what do you need to know?…

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Hacking 101: A Day in the Life of a Russian Hacker

When you hear the word “hacking” you probably imagine someone wearing a hooded sweatshirt, sitting in a dark basement tapping madly away at a keyboard? This image could be of a hacker – or a hacker could be the mild mannered old woman sitting one table over from you at a coffee shop. She’s smiling…

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Hilarious ways people have messed with email spammers

You get an email that’s flowery and formal from Mr. John Kennedy (the one who works on an Alaskan cruise ship) stating that he is looking for either a long-term relationship, marriage or possibly a business partnership with you. Could this be THE one?! Or, you find out you are the descendant of a fabulously…

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Can You Make Any Money from Bug Bounties?

Hacking has evolved. No longer does hacking only encompass the nefarious activities of a bored teenager or a Russian spy. People are hacking for good, or ethical hacking, now. An entire field has developed around ethical hacking — penetration testing or pentesting — which involves hackers being paid to test a company’s cybersecurity defenses. Getting…

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App Security Holes: What Are Apps Doing Behind the Scenes in Your Phone?

“There’s an app for that.” is something you may hear as a joke, but truly, it seems like there are apps available for everything. We use apps for navigation, socializing, dating, ordering food, and even meditating. There are even apps to manage our other apps! But you’re probably wondering:  What are these apps doing in…

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Do Virtual Machines Protect Your Privacy Better?

You may have heard of virtual machines before, but do you know what they’re capable of? In the last 15 years, large companies have started using virtual machines to simplify their IT infrastructure. But can a virtual machine be beneficial to you as an individual user? More importantly, how secure are virtual machines? Before diving…

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