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Online Safety

Familiarize yourself with common scams and fraud techniques.

How to Verify If a Banking Representative Is Genuine

Let’s say you get a text, call, or email from your bank, letting you know that something is wrong with your account. You need to respond right away!  Perhaps your account has been hacked, and the bank is letting you know. Or you have fraudulent charges on your account. Worse, your account may be frozen…

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Imposter Scams

The 4 P’s of an Imposter Scam

If you know the 4 P’s of an imposter scam, you can spot one easily and avoid becoming a scammer’s victim of financial fraud.

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A Password Manager Plus Two-Factor Authentication: The One-Two Punch That Knocks Hackers Out!

As a super strong extra layer of security, two-factor authentication prevents a thief who knows your login credentials from signing in.

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Frustrated Hacker

Using A Password Manager Drives Hackers Crazy!

“The single best thing someone can do to better protect their accounts is to choose and use a password manager,” explains Chris Parker, CEO of “With that simple decision, you significantly improve your account security.”

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Password Strength Meme

Password Tips: The ABCs of Protecting Your Bank Account.

Even though your account passwords seems like the basic place to start, cybersecurity experts say starting there takes care of most of your account security and worries.

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SafeSearch makes the web a more family-friendly experience.

SafeSearch for a Family-Friendly Web Experience

In an era where the internet is an integral part of our daily lives, ensuring a safe and family-friendly online experience is of paramount importance. One valuable tool in this endeavor is SafeSearch, a feature provided by popular search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. SafeSearch acts as a protective filter, helping users control…

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Shocked-looking girl on her smart phone.

Instagram May Not Be Safe for Your Kids

Parents may want to get familiar popular apps because platforms like Instagram may not be safe for youngsters, especially if their kids are using it—which they probably are. It is one of the most popular apps for kids and teens, even it’s not the best place for them to be. As it turns out, Instagram…

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Teen boy on his laptop.

Teen Boys Are Being Blackmailed by Scammers.

Scammers have a scheme for every age group, because every age group today congregate somewhere online, looking for connections, information and more. For teenage males, that “more” is often connections with new female friends online. And that’s what scammers are exploiting these days. According to a story in the Wall Street Journal in November of…

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