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Online Privacy

New Year's Resolution: I Will Be Password Smart (with the help of a Password Manager)

Password Security, Simplicity and a Stress-Free Life: Sound Good to You?

Getting a password manager is a very wise thing to do. As you start to explore all its offerings (once you sign up for one!) you’ll know you made a smart move.

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What Can You Do If A Website Uses a Photo of You Without Your Permission?

In a digital age where we live out our lives on the Internet, it’s inevitable photos of you will pop up online. You may be the one to publish these photos, but sometimes, someone else may use your likeness or image without your permission. When this happens, can you legally force a website owner to…

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Check Out These Safety and Privacy Gifts for 2021

Forget the coffee mug, sweater or box of regifted candy this holiday season. Check out these great safety and privacy gifts for 2021.

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Facial Recognition Technology: The Future of Tech or a Privacy Invasion?

Your face is unique. On a planet with a population of 7.67 billion, no one else has the exact same facial characteristics as you. Which is why governments and various organizations are utilizing facial recognition technology to identify people.  When cameras were invented, Native Americans were wary of devices that capture and log our facial…

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The 7 Best Encrypted Messaging Apps for Android

Most of us couldn’t live without messaging apps. Whether we’re talking to family, friends, or colleagues, these apps keep us communicating no matter where we are in the world. As convenient as messaging apps are, they can also lead to privacy issues. Messages you think are private might be read by third parties, or the…

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How Can You Scrub Your Social Media Presence?

People can learn a lot about you from your social media profiles — perhaps more than you’d like. When you overshare on social media, cybercriminals can get a hold of your information, potential employers can see borderline inappropriate photos and comments, and your overall privacy is compromised. It’s never a bad time to go through…

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Are You Oversharing on Social?: 8 Facts Criminals Can Learn from Your Social Media Activity

Social media is a part of life. Given the state of the world, social media has become, for many, their main source of social interaction. Between Zoom meetings for work, watch parties to connect with friends, and countless conversations over social media posts, we can forget how many people may be watching. On social media,…

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Free VPNs from Top Providers

A Top-Rated FREE VPN Could Make Your Holidays Great and Safe!

You might not know this, but some of the top-rated VPNs (that charge only a few dollars a month for their subscription plans) also offer a FREE VPN plan. These free versions provide the security and privacy you need when you need it.

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