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Online Privacy

Benefits of IPVanish

Discover the Benefits of IPVanish–and Get an IP Vanish Free Trial

IPVanish is a well-established, US-based VPN service that has been providing fast, secure connections since 2012. Offering apps for all major platforms, IPVanish aims to provide a full-featured VPN solution for securing devices and data on the go. We reviewed IPVanish a while back, but let’s take a closer look at some of its most…

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Protect your privacy with the essential guide on spotting webcam malware

How to Tell if Your Laptop Camera Has Been Hacked

In the digital age where privacy feels like a luxury, the idea of your laptop’s webcam being hacked isn’t just paranoia, it’s a real possibility. With cybercriminals getting more creative by the day, it’s essential to know the signs that might indicate your laptop camera has been hacked and is under someone else’s control. Let’s…

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Is Alexa listening to people?

Is Your Alexa Listening To You?

Alexa, the intelligent, cloud-based AI home assistant, provides us with helpful answers and can, in theory, make our lives a bit easier. When past films like 2001: A Space Odyssey or, more recently, Ex Machina, shared visions of futuristic, intelligent AI, they often took a dark turn. Quietly, we might wonder about Alexa becoming malevolent,…

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Surfshark vs NordVPN

Surfshark vs NordVPN: Which is Better?

In recent years, news of major corporate data breaches and ransomware schemes seems to lurk around every Internet corner. In a world of multiple online threats, we could all use an extra layer of cybersecurity.  Although there are numerous ways that we can protect our online presence and personal information, using a Virtual Private Network…

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The top 10 email tracking tools for 2023

Top 10 Email Tracking Tools

Email tracking software provides invaluable visibility into how your recipients engage with your emails. These data and insights can help you significantly refine and optimize your outreach campaigns for better results.  Better emails lead to more sales.  We’re going to review 10 leading email tracking tools for 2023 based on their key features, pricing options,…

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Frustrated Hacker

Using A Password Manager Drives Hackers Crazy!

“The single best thing someone can do to better protect their accounts is to choose and use a password manager,” explains Chris Parker, CEO of “With that simple decision, you significantly improve your account security.”

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Data Breaches from 2023

Data Breaches from 2023: A Close Look at the Important Ones

And what that means for you. To start with, the average person needs to be aware that organizational data breaches can affect them directly. Yes, data breaches are attacks against large organizations and not individuals—however, organizations have customers and clients, and often the data stolen in a data breach is about the customers, not solely…

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The Downsides of VPN Services: 9 Key Disadvantages

In recent years, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have gained immense popularity as users seek to bolster their online privacy and security. While the advantages of VPNs are widely celebrated, it’s crucial to explore the other side of the coin. In this article, we’ll delve into nine disadvantages associated with using VPN services. 1. Reduced Internet…

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