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Online Privacy

How to Set Up a VPN on PlayStation

If you’ve ever wanted to access location-blocked content with your PS5, you’ve probably noticed that you can’t use VPN apps on your PlayStation. While Sony discourages users from using VPNs by not making them available in the PlayStation store, there are still ways to use a VPN with your PlayStation console. This guide covers two…

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Fernando Corbato

The Guy Who Invented the Password Did It Out of Need, Not Security

The idea of using login passwords today is so common that it seems incredible that anyone would have had to invent it. 

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Revenge Content & You: How to Keep Your Intimate Content off the Net

We’ve all been there. When bad break-ups go worse. Someone flies off the handle and decides to do something rash. This could be an ex-girlfriend throwing your clothes in the street, or a husband throwing his wife’s make-up in the toilet in a fit of rage. But thanks to the Internet this spiteful behavior can…

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Can a VPN Do That? What a VPN Is NOT

A VPN is a useful tool for keeping your internet activity more private. They were first developed for the corporate world but they’ve become essential for personal computer users who browse the web.  The popularity of VPNs has brought up some misconceptions, though. Many Internet users seem to think that VPNs are the answer to…

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How to Secure Your iCloud Account from Spies

Have you ever wondered if someone is spying on you through your iCloud account? That’s exactly what happened to Britney Spears when her father Jamie hired a security firm to set up a way to spy on her through iCloud. Because Jamie Spears had Britney’s Apple ID password, he was easily able to gain access…

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How and when to block Javascript on your phone

The Internet would look vastly different without JavaScript. This programming language powers things like audio and video players, infinite scrolling, and chat boxes. It lets your favorite websites look the way they do. That all may sound innocent, but JavaScript has a dark side too. With the tracking features that JavaScript enables, sometimes it’s better…

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What to Know About a Data Breach

What to Know About Data Breaches (and Why You Should Worry)

Fact is, most of don’t know much about data breaches beyond what we might hear about now and then. What we should all know this: when cybercrooks attack a business, hospital, or any organizations, the impact can hit very close to home. No Surprise Here: Data Breaches Are on the Upswing There’s not much good…

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Why You Should Regularly Delete Your Search History

Browsing is completely harmless, right? That is until your browsing history reveals all of your private information to a stranger. That’s why you need to make a habit of regularly deleting your search history. Online safety consists of many practices, and good browser hygiene is one of them. To maintain your online security, you should…

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