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Online Privacy

How and when to block Javascript on your phone

The Internet would look vastly different without JavaScript. This programming language powers things like audio and video players, infinite scrolling, and chat boxes. It lets your favorite websites look the way they do. That all may sound innocent, but JavaScript has a dark side too. With the tracking features that JavaScript enables, sometimes it’s better…

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What to Know About a Data Breach

What to Know About Data Breaches (and Why You Should Worry)

Fact is, most of don’t know much about data breaches beyond what we might hear about now and then. What we should all know this: when cybercrooks attack a business, hospital, or any organizations, the impact can hit very close to home. No Surprise Here: Data Breaches Are on the Upswing There’s not much good…

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Why You Should Regularly Delete Your Search History

Browsing is completely harmless, right? That is until your browsing history reveals all of your private information to a stranger. That’s why you need to make a habit of regularly deleting your search history. Online safety consists of many practices, and good browser hygiene is one of them. To maintain your online security, you should…

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Facebook is NOT a Free Site – We Are Paying With Our Privacy

You may have heard the expression there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Well, there’s no such thing as free social media either.  A lot of people think of themselves as Facebook customers. But here’s the catch – if it’s free, you have to realize that you’re paying one way or another.  The other…

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Used-car salesman

Trust Your ISP? They May Not Be Worthy of It.

It’s not illegal for ISPs to provide information to third parties. They are, in fact, able to collect data on which of their subscribers (identified by their IP addresses) visit certain sites or have shown interest in certain topics, and they do sell that to third parties. 

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Why ​​STIR/SHAKEN Might Be a Real Solution to End the Robocall Nightmare

“We’re not going to stop until we get robocallers, spoofers, and scammers off the line.” – FCC Acting Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel Oh Jessica, do you really mean it? Please don’t toy with us! In a country bitterly divided across party lines, there is one thing every single tax paying citizen in this country can agree…

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Webcam Spies: Why You Should Cover Your Laptop Camera ASAP

If you’re worried about webcam spies or cyber hackers obtaining your most confidential information, your paranoia is well-founded. You know this is a serious issue when even Mark Zuckerberg himself put a piece of tape over the camera on his own computer: Let’s take a closer look: So why the growing concern about hackers and…

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Red Team vs. Blue Team: Cybersecurity Color Wars

When you hear red team vs. blue team you might think of those old games of capture the flag. When you find out it’s related to cybersecurity you may think it’s a reference to The Matrix. Do you take the red pill or the blue pill? But in cybersecurity, these are the two approaches to…

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