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Online Privacy

Cybersecurity and Coronavirus: What You Need to Know

Technology and digital communication have undoubtedly changed thanks to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. On the one hand, technology has adapted to remote models of working, living, and learning to help people stay home more often. On the other hand, COVID-related cybersecurity has become a huge problem, leading some experts to dub the dramatic rise in…

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The Biggest COVID-Related Data Breaches (So Far)

Cybercriminals will always adapt to a changing digital landscape. It’s no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic brought a wave of cyber-attacks and data breaches. Hackers all over the world took advantage of a vulnerable situation. Data breaches nearly doubled in 2020 as a result. Estimates from the Unisys Security Index indicate that there were 192,000…

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Security Conspiracy Theories That Might Actually Be Right

In today’s age of disinformation and fake news, conspiracy theories are running rampant. Some are small and dismissed almost as soon as they pop up. Others are so ludicrous that we can’t help but laugh. Still, some conspiracy theories turn out to be true. There’s nothing more shocking than finding out that some wild theory…

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It’s High Time for Celebration: Grab a 73% Discount on PureVPN

Security and privacy breaches are gaining intensity with every passing year. Digital threats are continuously targeting netizens’ personally identifiable information (PII), putting them at serious risk of online harassment, fraud, and identity theft, to name a few. It is high time you should take the first step towards data security by equipping yourself with the…

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Here’s How to Choose a VPN: Don’t Overthink It and It’ll Be Fine

We’re not all IT (internet technology) types, but don’t tell that to VPN review sites! They make it hard to compare or choose a VPN. Turns out, with the VPN Simplifier from, how to choose a Virtual Private Network is a no-brainer.

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Hide Your IP

Hide Your IP Address 9 Different Ways…or Just the Best Way.

If you don’t want a website or your internet provide to know what websites you visit, you have to “mask” your true IP address. Here’s how.

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The Amazing VPN

The Amazing VPN Is the Swiss Army Knife of Apps

If everyone knew how incredibly versatile a VPN is at protecting us online, nobody would go online without one.

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Is Your Cell Safe? Secrets Your Phone Might Be Broadcasting Behind Your Back

Your mobile phone…is it a life-changing invention or the end of all privacy? Our cell phones give us access to information right at our fingertips. There are apps to make our lives easier. We can control everything from locks on our doors to the lights in our homes. We can talk via text, email, video,…

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