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Online Privacy

Best Chrome Security Extensions

Whenever you open a web browser and connect to the Internet, you take a security risk. The web is full of malicious cybercriminals. To protect your privacy and safeguard your device against attacks, you need a secure web browser. Google Chrome is the most popular web browser on the market—as of 2019, 2.6 billion Internet…

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T-Mobile Data Breach Affects 50 Million

T-Mobile Hack: You Should Be Concerned Even If You’re Not a Customer

The T-Mobile hack proves the sad reality that until companies and agencies are extremely serious about combating the relentless assaults by hackers, there will always be another story about a significant data breach.

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Virtual Machines: Enhancing Privacy Protection?

You may have heard of virtual machines before, but do you know what they’re capable of? In the last 15 years, large companies have started using virtual machines to simplify their IT infrastructure. But can a virtual machine be beneficial to you as an individual user? More importantly, how secure are virtual machines? Before diving…

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Data Breach

Four Great Reasons to Use A “Data Breach Check” Tool Sooner Than Later

Here’s the point about data breaches. If someone has a lot of general information about you and then has access to your passwords, that could mean other accounts will soon be compromised.

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I don't always ask for your credentials. But when I do, you will give them to me.

Hacking News: They Don’t Always Break In. Sometimes We Let Them In.

A hacker’s job is exciting…for them. It’s a game of cat and mouse, lies and tricks. It’s a numbers game—they know they need to put in the time to get one person on the hook.

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5 Personal Secrets You Could Be Sharing Without Knowing

We are constantly plugged in. We are connected to the Internet via our computers, mobile devices, and even some of our appliances. The movement to seamlessly give you the same experience across all of your devices can also mean that certain bits of information can be shared without you knowing.  Your cell phone is often…

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Securely Sending Secrets Online: Best Practices

So much of managing our privacy and cybersecurity involves not sharing secrets over the Internet. Some people love to overshare on social media. They can post all kinds of personal information or send emails with passwords or credit card numbers.  But how can you safely share private information like this over the Internet? From Netflix…

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Zoom Security Basics: How To Secure Your Conferencing

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past year, then you know what Zoom is. Chances are, you’ve used it yourself many times. And if you know about and use Zoom, then you probably also know about the major security issues Zoom had back in March and April 2020. The application became…

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