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Networking Basics: Learn How Networks Work

Hackers Took Over My Router and I Had NO Clue

My Router Was Hacked!

Hackers Took Over My Router and I Had NO Clue. Graphic artist was a victim of DNSChanger virus. Are you safe? We’re all aware that hackers can do something to our computers through a network virus. But did you know they can attack your router—the key to directing all your Internet activity? More than that,…

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A Router Is Key to a Home Network

Router Types: Understanding How do They Work

Before we delve into the world of routers, you need to understand what a broadband connection is and how it works. According to, broadband is “a high-speed, high-capacity transmission medium that can carry signals from multiple independent network carriers. This is done on a single coaxial or fiber-optic cable by establishing different bandwidth channels.…

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Use a Proxy to Get Around Internet Blocks

Proxy Server Basics

Better question: Why would you use a proxy at all? The topic of proxies can get confusing fast, making it hard to figure out what they are, what they do and why anyone would use one. Just so you know, using a proxy revolves around you taking steps on your computer to help you either:…

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Packet Sniffing. How the Bad Guys Spy On Your Data Online

Packet Sniffing. How Bad Guys Spy On Your Data

Hackers and others maybe utilizing “packet sniffing” to read your personal data You’ll often hear that you should be careful when using the Internet, because you never know who’s spying on us. Indeed, there are some Internet gurus out there (more than you might think) who are convinced that most Internet Service Providers (ISPs), the…

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Three Steps to Solid Home Network Security

Home Network Safety: Keep Hackers Out!

As convenient as a home wireless network is, it also opens up the possibility of somebody attacking your network and stealing your online information. In other words, a crafty hacker living or even driving nearby can steal private information…if you haven’t taken the proper steps to prevent that. An attack on a network is called…

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What Are Network Devices… and What Do They Do?

When you sit down to get something done on your computer, you may not realize it but you’re relying on more than your Internet browser to get information, go shopping or send emails. You’re also relying on having an IP address that recognizes your computer, as well as a reliable network that you’re connected to—and…

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What is Network Address Translation (NAT)?

What is Network Address Translation?

The definition of Network Address Translation Network Address Translation (NAT) is a service that is used in routers. Its purpose is to translate a set of IP addresses to another set of IP addresses.  If you are viewing this article on the internet on the WIMIA website, there’s a very good chance that you are…

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Man-in-the-Middle Attacks explained, defined

Man-in-the-Middle Attack: When Hackers Eavesdrop on Your Connection.

Not all hackers are after attention. Some just want money. You might think, and hope, that being aware of all the latest scams and tricks that are on the Internet will keep the online thieves away. After all, if you’re smart AND you know what to look for, you won’t fall for somewhat obvious scams…

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