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IP Addresses

What is a IPv6?

Is Your Internet Service Provider Ready for IPv6?

As you might have read (if you’ve visited before), the IP address “look” and format that has been in usage for a few decades is going to be replaced by a new format called IPv6 (for “version 6”). The transition is going to be huge…when and however that happens. It all stems from the…

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Questions About IPv6 Answered Clearly

IPv6 is Here and You Need to Know What It Is

Don’t worry if you don’t understand much about IP addresses and all the news surrounding the new IP address format called IPv6. The fact is, very few people are even are aware there is such a thing as an IP address, even though it’s vital to connecting to them to the Internet. If you’re a…

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IPv6. Is It Messing Things Up for You?

Routers, VPNs, and other services struggle to connect. If you’ve been following articles on, then maybe you know a little about IPv6. If you don’t, here’s a quick recap: IPv6 is the new IP address format that is already beginning to replace the current format, known as IPv4. (Actually, it was simply known as…

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IPv6 Deployment Hits 10 Percent on Its 20th Birthday

According to The Beatles, “It was 20 years ago today, Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play.” That’s not all that happened 20 years ago. In 1983 something known as RFC 1883 was published. It dealt with “Internet Protocol, Version 6 (IPv6).” That was two decades ago. But IPv6’s time has come…slowly, but surely. (If…

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Answers to Technical Questions About IPv6

For businesses and organizations. (July 2015) Is IPv6 ready for deployment now? Yes it is. The Three Ps of deployment are in place. The Protocol. The IPv6 Protocol benefited from 10 years of development within the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and it’s been tested in both research and operational environments. IPv6 offers a large…

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How Many IP Addresses Are Left? Almost None.

The IPv4 Address Shortage Problem Has Arrived

When a company like Microsoft starts running into some technical problems with IP addresses, you know that trouble is brewing. In early 2015, a network expert at Microsoft said to an audience at a vast networking industry conference, “We’ve been having a hard time.” The problem seems to have somewhat crept up on them. What…

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The 4 Parts of IPv4 IP Addressing

Why Is Your IP Address Broken into Four Sections? Most likely, you’ve already checked your IP address at a few times. Usually you’re just checking to see if it’s changed or not. Your IP address at home will be different from the IP address at your work office. And that IP address will be…

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Companies Looking for IPv4 Addresses are Turning to the Open Market

“Buddy, Can You Spare an IP Address?” It sounds ridiculous, but some IT heads for major companies just might be saying something like that to someone like Mr. Elvis Velea. That’s because Mr. Velea is an IP address broker: an entrepreneur who is simply taking advantage of the law of supply and demand. When the…

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