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Why an Ordinary Mouse Doesn’t Work for Gamers

From the beginning, computers had games you could play. Today, PC-based games have become more sophisticated because of the technological advances in computer chips, animation software, and computer hardware. Even though you can play many of today’s games on today’s new computers, to play the more sophisticated games, and to get more out of your…

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What Kind of Internet Connection Is DSL?

DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line, and it’s one of the many technologies used to bring an Internet connection and information into homes and businesses. What makes DSL unique is that it uses existing telephone lines/connections, with special adaptations. DSL started to become popular in the 1980s and 1990s. In the early days of the…

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What’s a Dongle? Find Out, Because You’re Going to Need One.

Hard drive. Memory stick. Keyboard. Monitor. Those are all pretty straightforward and well-known computer terms. And then there’s the dongle. Yes, dongle. It must be the strangest name since the “scuzzy” port/connector from days past, which derived from “SCSI” (Small Computer System Interface). The word dongle has been around for a long time, but its…

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5 Reasons You Need an Online Backup Service

An account with Carbonite is an easy yet powerful solution. Your computer crashes, is stolen or gets hacked…and you lose all the data on it. How do you feel? You’d be crushed if you didn’t have copies of your files somewhere else. But with, all your data (the way you last saw it!) is…

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Malware is Everywhere. Keep it Off YOUR Computer

Why Bad Things Happen to Good Computers.

What you should know about viruses, malware, IP impersonators, and more. Have you ever had a computer suddenly go bad on you? Maybe the programs just froze all the time, or maybe you could no longer go on the Internet without a lot of strange things happening? You may have thought it turned to the…

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How do I use a Proxy Server?

Please be aware that the use of proxy servers without the express permission from the owner of the proxy server may be illegal in some states and/or countries. Use them at your own risk. Use your favorite search engine and search for ‘proxy server list’. You’ll find many sites with lists of proxy servers, their…

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What is a User Agent?

Sometimes technical terms are both misleading and confusing. Here’s an example: user-agent. It sounds as if it could be someone who represents your rights as a computer user. But it’s not. Or maybe it’s what you call a spy for a software company that tracks your online behavior. But that’s not correct either. The fact…

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Have You Heard of USB-C? You Will Soon.

The way you plug things into new computers is changing. An article about the history of computer cables might seem uninteresting, even unimportant. And maybe even boring. However, this article about cables we use every day is somewhat important. (If it isn’t today, it will definitely be someday—and maybe for you, sooner than you think.)…

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