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Funny AF Wi-fi Names and Passwords

Modern life requires a lot of mental capacity to remember dozens of user IDs and passwords. You end up with random post-it notes you can’t seem to find. You’re constantly getting blocked from your own accounts because you can’t remember the genius string of letters and numbers that was so good you forgot it.  So,…

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A Quick Guide to the Linux Operating System

We all get frustrated with Windows or macOS sometimes. But as these operating systems dominate the computing world, do you really have another option? Yes! You can use Linux instead. It’s free, open-source, customizable, and secure. It has several advantages over Windows and macOS, but it also has a bit of a learning curve for…

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10 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Linux

Twenty years ago, Linux was an operating system that only super-savvy techies used. Today, Linux has become so user-friendly that anyone can benefit from it. If you’re a Windows or macOS user and you’re tired of putting up with some of the quirks of these operating systems, you might be ready to switch to Linux.…

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Need faster internet?

Tips for Getting a Faster Internet Connection at Home

Never before has the performance of your internet connection meant so much than it does now. It’s important to know how to get a faster internet connection.

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IoT: How to Deal with the Internet of Threats

The Internet of Things, or IoT, has become one of the most convenient—and dangerous—ways for consumers to connect to the Internet. IoT is the network of devices, or “things,” that communicate and send data via the Internet. When people refer to IoT devices, they’re typically leaving out smartphones, tablets, and computers. IoT more commonly refers…

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Free VPN: Here are the Best Ones and Info All About Virtual Private Networks

.,There are several very good VPNs, if you know where to look. Here’s a guide.

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User Agent: You can't get on the Internet without one.

Without a User Agent, You Can’t Get on the Internet.

(Don’t Worry. You Have One.) Most of the time, technical terms can be…well, just too technical for the average Joe with a computer.  User Agent, or UA, is one such term. A User Agent is any computer application or system that helps you get onto the internet and access online content.  User agents include web…

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VPNs for Torrenting

The best VPNs for torrenting offer fast speeds to let you download torrent files without any issues. They also don’t keep logs, which grants you complete anonymity without worrying about copyright trolls or being blocked by your ISP.

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