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How DNSBLs Work: Preventing Blacklisting

When you open your email client, type a message, and hit “send” it seems so easy. You don’t think about all the processes taking place in the background or security checks being run on your outgoing mail. Most of the time, you don’t even wonder if your message will make it to the recipient, or…

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Protecting Your YouTube Channel from Demonetization

You finally did it–you hit all of the markers for acceptance in the YouTube Partner program, and you began monetizing your videos. But you live in constant fear of demonetization. You’ve worked so hard toward earning on YouTube. How can you keep demonetization at bay? Initially, you may have seen the YouTube money trickle in–you…

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What Can You Get From Your Search History and Is It Even Worth Downloading?

If we were to broadcast our individual search history, the results could prove confusing, if not downright embarrassing. We may not be searching for anything particularly scandalous, but even still, the heat of shame may redden our cheeks.  A scroll through a week of one person’s internet searches could reveal “Fusion Theory” and “How to…

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A newly discovered Google Chrome security vulnerability puts you at risk!

New Google Chrome Security Vulnerability: Update Your Browser Now!

If you are one of the 2.7 billion people who use Google Chrome as your primary browser, stop what you’re doing and update your browser! Google recently discovered a Google Chrome security vulnerability, and it’s a big security problem. They haven’t released much information, but they have said it’s already being exploited by cybercriminals. What…

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How to Set Up a VPN on Xbox: Step-by-Step Guide

A VPN can be a staple in your online security. It masks your IP address to keep your internet identity safe.  Protecting your IP address helps keep your network secure and can keep your online activities private. Can you use a VPN on all of your devices? Just about! You may want to use your…

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How to Set Up a VPN on PlayStation

If you’ve ever wanted to access location-blocked content with your PS5, you’ve probably noticed that you can’t use VPN apps on your PlayStation. While Sony discourages users from using VPNs by not making them available in the PlayStation store, there are still ways to use a VPN with your PlayStation console. This guide covers two…

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We’re in a Cyber Pandemic — Here’s What You Can Do About It

The COVID-19 pandemic has touched nearly every aspect of our lives and caused ripple effects that will continue for years to come. Many consider the economic damage as one of these knock-on effects, but it may not be the biggest threat to come out of the pandemic. What could concern us the most in the…

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The 10 Most Invasive Apps on the Internet

We’ve all gotten used to the apps and websites that help us run our lives. While they do make things more convenient, they’re also collecting huge amounts of our data. You may have accepted the fact that you have to give up some personal info to use your favorite apps and services. But you should…

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