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IoT: How to Deal with the Internet of Threats

The Internet of Things, or IoT, has become one of the most convenient—and dangerous—ways for consumers to connect to the Internet. IoT is the network of devices, or “things,” that communicate and send data via the Internet. When people refer to IoT devices, they’re typically leaving out smartphones, tablets, and computers. IoT more commonly refers…

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Free VPN: Here are the Best Ones and Info All About Virtual Private Networks

.,There are several very good VPNs, if you know where to look. Here’s a guide.

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User Agent: You can't get on the Internet without one.

Without a User Agent, You Can’t Get on the Internet.

(Don’t Worry. You Have One.) Most of the time, technical terms can be…well, just too technical for the average Joe with a computer.  User Agent, or UA, is one such term. A User Agent is any computer application or system that helps you get onto the internet and access online content.  User agents include web…

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VPNs for Torrenting

The best VPNs for torrenting offer fast speeds to let you download torrent files without any issues. They also don’t keep logs, which grants you complete anonymity without worrying about copyright trolls or being blocked by your ISP.

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5 Easy Ways to Back Up Your Files and Stay Safe

It’s Easy to Back Up Your Files and Stay Safe

Here are your options. Pick one or all. In a previous Q&A article, You ARE Backing Up Your Computer…Right?, we covered the ins-and-outs of backing up the important information on your computer. Most people are confused about what it means—or takes—to back up their data files. Well, it’s not that complicated. Start small, with the…

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You ARE Backing Up Your Computer…Right?

In reality, most people are likely confused by what it means. There’s a survey done annually that asks a few thousand people “how often do you back up your computer?” In 2015, 25% of the people surveyed indicated they had never backed up their computer. However, there’s a general feeling by most computer experts, consultants…

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Are VPNs legal to use?

Are VPNs Illegal?

There are a lot of things people can do online that aren’t legal. Downloading pirated movies, for example, is one of them. Many people have heard about VPNs, or virtual private networks. They know using a VPN can hide their IP address, masking a person’s actual location. And it works! If you’re in New York…

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Anti Spam Software - How It Works

How Does Anti-Spam Software Do Its Work?

Over the past 15 years or so, the problem with overwhelming spam—countless unwanted and unrequested emails—has lessened for the most part. Before anti-spam software became commonplace, spammers could flood our email inboxes with their messages. Now, the wave of spam has been slowed down. Thank you, anti-spam software. Here’s a look at how a coordinated…

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