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Learn how to find your significant other on Ashley Madison!

How to Find Your Significant Other on Ashley Madison

It’s been six years since the infamous Ashley Madison hack, the one that published the information of users using the affair dating service. However, the website has increased in popularity once more following the spread of coronavirus. While people are staying at home during these times, it has not stopped people from trying out a…

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Exploring ChatGPT: Capabilities and Risks

ChatGPT, short for “Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer,” is a transformer-based language model that was developed by OpenAI. A transformer is a neural network architecture that was introduced in a 2017 paper by Google researchers. It has since become the basis for many state-of-the-art language models, including GPT, GPT-2, and now ChatGPT. The main idea behind…

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12 Signs That You Might be Getting Catfished Online

Online dating has provided many the opportunity to find the love of your life. Location is no longer a restriction, and you could meet the person of your dreams. However, scammers are also abundant online. They’ll try to grab your attention, reel you in, and steal your life savings. They call this form of scam…

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It's possible to find someone on Bumble! Try these strategies.

Bumble Search: How to Find Someone on Bumble

One of the most popular dating apps that people like to use is Bumble. This is because it is one of the easiest apps to use and allows women to message first. However, this app is also a place that people sneak on to cheat on their significant other, or to hide that they are…

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Run a dating profile search to find out if someone is on dating sites.

How to Run a Dating Profile Search with Social Catfish

We know you have your own reasons for wanting to know whether or not someone in your life has a dating profile. You may be a significant other, a spouse, or the like, and you suspect that your partner is not being loyal and faithful to you. You may be a concerned parent to a minor…

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Learn how to find someone on Snapchat!

Snapchat Search: Finding People on Snapchat

Snapchat is the app many teenagers and young adults rely on to communicate with friends. With their popular filters, many people flock to this app to share silly messages and post on their stories. This app is also filled with many scammers, premium girls, and cheaters who don’t want to be found on this app.…

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Oil rig scams are a great option for romance scammers.

Oil Rig Scams: Watch Out for This Type of Romance Scam

Romance scammers have come up with clever tactics to scam their victims out of their hard-earned cash. They make their victims fall in love with them through catfish profiles, and come up with emergency stories as to why they need money. They also come up with careers that allow them to pretend they are far…

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You can find someone with a picture to verify their identity.

How to Find Someone with a Picture on Social Catfish

You’re swiping on an online dating site when you come across someone attractive. You immediately swipe right, thinking that they’re super cute. However, the picture seems familiar to you and you don’t know why. By performing a reverse image search, you figure out that the picture is familiar because you actually follow the official social…

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