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Is TikTok cancelled in the US?

Is the U.S. Government Going to Cancel TikTok?

If you’re a TikTok user — and let’s face it, who isn’t these days? — you might be wondering if you’ll be allowed to use the app in the coming years. TikTok has gotten heavy criticism over privacy and security issues since 2020, when the Trump administration threatened it with a ban if the Chinese…

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TCP/IP commands in Linux are used for various network-related tasks, such as checking network configuration, troubleshooting network issues, and communicating with remote servers.

A Complete List of TCP/IP Commands for Linux in 2023

IP networking is at the center of how today’s smart devices communicate with each other over networks, including the internet.  IP stands for “Internet Protocol,” and it is part of the TCP/IP protocol suite that defines common standards for computer networks to exchange data. In particular, IP governs how unique addresses are assigned to each…

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How to protect personal and confidential data with infosec?

What is InfoSec?

As our lives have become increasingly digital, and more of our data is handled on the Internet, protecting personal and confidential data has become an entire industry. Which industry? InfoSec. If you work in IT or consider yourself a tech person in general, you’ve probably heard of InfoSec. “InfoSec” is an abbreviation of Information Security.…

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URL vs URI explained

What Is the Difference Between URL and URI?

Even though most people aren’t going to need to know the difference between a URL and a URI, it really matters in a few specific situations!  Understanding the difference between URL vs. URI is important in a number of contexts, especially for web developers, IT professionals, and anyone working with internet technologies.  URL vs. URI:…

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Whether you're buying or selling, Facebook Marketplace scams are targeting you.

Facebook Marketplace Scams Want Your Money – Here’s How to Stay Safe

Facebook Marketplace is a great way to both get rid of items you don’t need and make a little extra money in the process, with the added convenience of everything being connected to your Facebook account. But because Facebook is first and foremost a social media network, not an online marketplace, some of its consumer…

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A man using a mobile app to purchase products online

How to Vet Online Reputation Management Vendors

Our professional and personal reputations — good or bad — inform every aspect of our lives. When you launch a website or a new online brand, explosive growth and reputation building can be exciting. However, a cyber attack or an inundation of negative customer reviews could swiftly destroy the business you worked hard to build.…

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LiFi wants to connect you to the internet with the power of light.

Meet LiFi, the Technology that Wants to Replace Your Router with Light Bulbs

There’s new stuff happening with technology all the time. Sometimes the results are really ridiculous gadgets. But sometimes they can make your life easier, let you play with cool features, or even save your life. One particular new technology, LiFi, is trying to make your life simpler. It wants to replace your clunky, complicated WiFi…

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If you have a website on WordPress, you need to be thinking about WordPress plugin security.

WordPress Plugin Security: What You Need to Know About Protecting Your Website

If your website is built with WordPress, it probably has a few plugins installed. Plugins can add useful features and extra functionality to any website. But unfortunately, plugins can also be a risk to your website’s security. If you use WordPress, you need to be aware of WordPress plugin security and the risks involved. If…

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