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What Are Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC)?

Domain name system security extensions (DNSSEC) are a set of protocols that add a layer of security to the domain name system (DNS) lookup and exchange processes, which have become integral in accessing websites through the Internet. While DNSSEC cannot protect how data is distributed or who can access it, the extensions can authenticate the…

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What is VOIP?

Imagine being able to use your computer to make phone calls with the help of special software and a microphone—and bypassing your phone company and their charges. Wouldn’t that be cool? Imagine no more. Making calls with your computer is here. In fact, it’s been here for many years. But not that many people know…

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Cybersecurity Experts to Follow on Twitter

Top Cybersecurity Experts to follow on Twitter

Need to know the latest on viruses, malware, privacy, data breaches, IoT, threat intelligence, etc in 280 characters or less? is here to help! Twittersphere is full of security experts, researchers, and hobbyists who are more than eager to share their thoughts, news, and researches on information security, industry best practices and latest threats.…

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What is an SSL certificate?

Identity security is a necessary part of life as criminals use the information they retrieve to benefit themselves and often cost their victims countless amounts of time and money. Individuals are constantly advised to exercise caution when divulging personal information to any source. In many instances, it is necessary to provide the information to complete…

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What is a Secured Socket Layer (SSL)?

A Secured Socket Layer, or SSL, is the usual way that a website creates a secure connection with a web browser. Whenever a web surfer visits a secure site that uses SSL technology, it creates an encrypted link between their browser session and the webserver. SSL is the industry standard for secure web communication and…

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How Your Emails Get to Someone Else’s Computer

How does your email travel from Las Vegas, Nevada, to Orlando, Florida? How does it find its way electronically, in fractions of a second…and wind up exactly in front of the only person you want to see it? We take all of our technological marvels for granted, but they are all quite sophisticated. As it…

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Regional Internet Registries

Every computer that goes on the Internet needs its own IP address, whether it’s in America or Africa. That presents an extreme challenge. How does a computer user in Africa or Asia or Albuquerque get an IP address…on demand? Can one system handle it all for everyone around the world? The answer is “no,” and…

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How do I Report Spam?

There are a few ways to handle spam—all that unwanted, unrequested email you always seem to have in your inbox: You can click on it to see what it’s about, but that’s a bad idea. It’s an even a worse idea to click on any links in the spam message. You can report it on…

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