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Websites can block your access or track your online activity by your IP address. Even though websites cannot identify you by name through your IP address, they can still determine what you like to do online.

The articles listed below present different ways to hide your IP address and stay under the radar.

  1. What is SMTP?
  2. What is IMAP?
  3. How your emails get to someone's computer
  4. How do our emails get from here to there?
  5. What is an email header?
  6. What is spam?
  7. How to report spam
  8. What is a Mail Server?
  9. What is a Spam Trap?
  10. How to clean up an email inbox
  11. How does anti-spam software protect you?
  12. How computer viruses travel by email
  13. 7 Rules That Spammers Violate
  14. How computer viruses travel by email