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Easy Prey Podcast

Dr. Michele Borba has suggestions to help children reduce stress and build resilience.

Help Your Child Reduce Stress and Become Resilient

One in every three children has been diagnosed with a mental health disorder like anxiety or ADHD since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Now more than ever, it’s essential to learn how to reduce stress and minimize anxiety. See 7 Ways to Reduce Anxiety with Dr. Michele Borba for a complete transcript of the Easy Prey…

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AI Opportunities for Investing and New Technology

We’re living in a world of rapidly changing technology. Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is helping us create new things, advance current processes, and find new investment options. If you are an investor or an entrepreneur, exploring AI opportunities is especially valuable. See Don’t Miss Opportunities Created by AI with Howard Getson for a complete transcript…

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Tim Larkin teaches self-defense techniques to many people.

Effective Self-Defense Techniques

Many people seek to learn self-defense techniques only after they’ve encountered a violent situation. But as the saying goes, the best way to win a fight is to never get into a fight in the first place. Self-defense starts before you ever encounter a violent situation. See When Violence is the Answer with Tim Larkin…

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Hostage Situations: Don’t be a Target

You may think that if you’re not fabulously wealthy, you don’t need to worry about being taken hostage. But money isn’t the only reason you might find yourself in a hostage situation. It’s important to know how and why targets are selected. See Hostage Taking with Rachel Briggs, OBE for a complete transcript of the…

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It must be the collar!

Why Do Weight-Loss Scams Work? Don’t Find Out the Hard Way

Weight-loss scams and other health fraud are a part of our digital lives. More than that, there’s no one preventing scammers or money-hungry companies from peddling their alluring but ineffective products on us. 

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Steve Gibson answers the question, "Is the internet safe?"

Is the Internet Safe? The Past (and Future) of Internet Security

When the internet first started, nobody asked, “Is the internet safe?” Trust was just assumed. But today, how can you know what to trust on the internet? Steve Gibson has participated in the PC industry since it began, and he has some thoughts. See Online Security: Just Hope for the Best with Steve Gibson for…

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Justin Donald wants to help you avoid falling for an investment scam.

Investment Scam or Opportunity? Identifying a Trustworthy Investment

Investing can be a path to wealth or a way to lose money. It all depends on if you can tell an investment scam from a legitimate opportunity. But how can you separate a trustworthy investment from a scam? Justin Donald has some tips for that. See Get Rich Quick Schemes vs. Investments with Justin…

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Chris Voss knows negotiation techniques for every situation.

Proven Negotiation Techniques for Everyday Negotiations

Negotiation isn’t just for hostage situations or big boardrooms. You can end up exchanging the commodity of your time without even noticing you’re in a negotiation. Chris Voss is here to teach you how to be more aware of these situations and negotiation techniques to negotiate better. See Negotiating with Chris Voss for a complete…

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