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scam texts

ALERT: Scam Texts, the Latest Dirty Trick!

You need to be up to speed on “smishing,” the text message trick scammers use to capture victims. The more you know the better you’ll be at catching a deceptive text before you reply.  

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Roy Zur talks about human factor cybersecurity and why it's essential for business.

Human Factor Cybersecurity: A New Approach for Business

Cybersecurity isn’t just for cybersecurity professionals or people who understand code. Employees at any level can let malicious actors into a company network. Human factor cybersecurity is an approach to help every employee keep your organization secure. See 4 Levels of Human Factor Security with Roy Zur for a complete transcript of the Easy Prey…

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Cameron Huddleston talks about how to protect elderly parents' finances.

Protect Elderly Parents’ Finances from Scams and Exploitation

As you watch your parents get older, it’s easy to begin to worry about them falling for scams or being taken advantage of financially. After all, older adults are common targets for scams and financial exploitation. If they are showing signs of memory loss or have been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, it’s even…

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Jack Whittaker goes behind the scenes of scam sites.

Scam Sites and the Scam Economy

When you find a scam website – or worse, fall for a scam – you’re not thinking about the people behind it. But the people who build scam sites and the companies that enable scammers are all part of a larger scam economy. In order to combat scam websites, we need an understanding of the…

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Zelle scams are a new way scammers use to get paid for old scams.

Zelle Scams, Vacation Rental Scams, and New Ways Scammers Target Your Money

Scammers are always on the lookout for new ways to part you with your money. Sometimes they can get extremely creative, and sometimes they use new tools to run the same old grifts. Zelle scams, for instance, are just a new way to get paid for old scams. But if you know how they work…

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John Breyault talks about Venmo scams and consumer protection.

Venmo Scams and Consumer Protection: The Limits of Fraud Protection and What You Can Do

Scammers want to get at your money. It’s no surprise that they’ve started using payment apps like CashApp, Venmo, and Zelle to trick you out of your money. Venmo scams, Zelle fraud, and other shady dealings with similar apps actually has many benefits for scammers. Read on to learn how to protect yourself – and…

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Tony Royall, a Virginia State Police officer, talks about how to protect yourself from insurance fraud.

Insurance Fraud: What You Need to Know

For many of us, insurance seems inscrutable and unnecessarily complicated. But insurance fraud is the second most costly white-collar crime in the United States, and the victims are all of us. It’s important to know what steps to take to protect yourself. But the good news is that it’s not as difficult as you might…

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Dr. Robin Kowalski talks about the signs of cyberbullying.

Identifying the Signs of Cyberbullying: Anyone Can Be a Target

So much of our lives are online these days. This has many benefits, but it also opens us up to risks. One of those risks is cyberbullying. The anonymity of being online provides many opportunities for it, and it can sometimes be difficult to spot the signs of cyberbullying. And when it comes to cyberbullying,…

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