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Butchery Scam Shop

“Pig Butchering” Combines Text Scams, Crypto Scams and More

Pig butchering, a horrible name for a large theft of money, starts with a scam texts that have become a big problem, especially in the U.S.

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Titania Jordan of Bark talks about internet safety for kids.

Internet Safety for Kids: How to Protect Your Children in the Online World

As our kids are more and more online, it becomes easier and easier for them to encounter online predators, cyberbullying, pornographic and violent content, and other dangers. Internet safety for kids is essential. As parents, we need to educate and empower our children to be safe on their devices. See Keeping Children Safe Online with…

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Patrick Glennon talks about identity theft protection and recovery.

Identity Theft Protection and Recovery

Online quizzes are entertaining. Links in emails, texts, and social media messages are convenient. But both can put you at risk for identity theft – which can be costly and take months to recover from. Putting some identity theft protection measures in place can help you limit the damage. See Protecting Your Identity with Patrick…

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Anthony van der Meer talks about OSINT and how scammers operate.

Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Investigating Cybercrime

Scammers, phishers, and other cybercriminals are much more organized than we think. But it doesn’t take a hacking expert or a criminal mastermind to learn their schemes. Open-source intelligence, or OSINT, lets investigators peer into the world of cybercrime. One investigator in particular has made some interesting discoveries. See Investigating Cybercrime with Anthony van der…

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Jane Lee talks about crypto romance scams, or "pig butchering."

Crypto Romance Scams: “Pig Butchering” Adds Cryptocurrency to Dating Scams

Romance scams are nothing new, especially when online dating is involved. And with the popularity of cryptocurrencyover the past several years, crypto scams are starting to show up on people’s radars. But scammers are getting creative and putting the two together. Also called “pig butchering” by the scammers who do it, crypto romance scams are…

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Text Scams on Your Smartphone

Scam Texts Are Robbing Us of Millions of Dollars. Here’s Why.

Start looking at all text messages you get with a wary eye! If this subject is new to you, good. It means you haven’t been tricked yet by a scammer through a text message you’ve received on your phone.  But here’s a guarantee. Scam texts are heading your way. We live on our phones and…

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scam texts

ALERT: Scam Texts, the Latest Dirty Trick!

You need to be up to speed on “smishing,” the text message trick scammers use to capture victims. The more you know the better you’ll be at catching a deceptive text before you reply.  

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Roy Zur talks about human factor cybersecurity and why it's essential for business.

Human Factor Cybersecurity: A New Approach for Business

Cybersecurity isn’t just for cybersecurity professionals or people who understand code. Employees at any level can let malicious actors into a company network. Human factor cybersecurity is an approach to help every employee keep your organization secure. See 4 Levels of Human Factor Security with Roy Zur for a complete transcript of the Easy Prey…

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