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It must be the collar!

Why Do Weight-Loss Scams Work? Don’t Find Out the Hard Way

Weight-loss scams and other health fraud are a part of our digital lives. More than that, there’s no one preventing scammers or money-hungry companies from peddling their alluring but ineffective products on us. 

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Steve Gibson answers the question, "Is the internet safe?"

Is the Internet Safe? The Past (and Future) of Internet Security

When the internet first started, nobody asked, “Is the internet safe?” Trust was just assumed. But today, how can you know what to trust on the internet? Steve Gibson has participated in the PC industry since it began, and he has some thoughts. See Online Security: Just Hope for the Best with Steve Gibson for…

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Justin Donald wants to help you avoid falling for an investment scam.

Investment Scam or Opportunity? Identifying a Trustworthy Investment

Investing can be a path to wealth or a way to lose money. It all depends on if you can tell an investment scam from a legitimate opportunity. But how can you separate a trustworthy investment from a scam? Justin Donald has some tips for that. See Get Rich Quick Schemes vs. Investments with Justin…

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Chris Voss knows negotiation techniques for every situation.

Proven Negotiation Techniques for Everyday Negotiations

Negotiation isn’t just for hostage situations or big boardrooms. You can end up exchanging the commodity of your time without even noticing you’re in a negotiation. Chris Voss is here to teach you how to be more aware of these situations and negotiation techniques to negotiate better. See Negotiating with Chris Voss for a complete…

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Kelli Grant of CNBC talks about child identity theft.

Child Identity Theft: How it Happens and How to Protect Your Child

Over a million children under the age of nine have had their identities stolen in the last year alone. It’s important to know how child identity theft can happen and how to protect your child from becoming a victim of identity theft. See Identity Theft of Children with Kelli Grant for a complete transcript of…

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Amy Livingston talks about how to avoid falling for a utility scam.

Common Utility Scams: How to Keep Yourself Safe

Scammers’ goal is to part you from your money. Targeting something everyone pays for, like household utilities, can be very lucrative for them. But there are ways to protect yourself from utility scams. See Utility Scams with Amy Livingston for a complete transcript of the Easy Prey podcast episode. Amy Livingston left publishing in 2004…

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Don’t Fall for a Pet Scam

When you’re emotionally invested in a potential new pet, it’s easy to fall for scams and fraud. But there are ways to make sure you don’t fall for a pet scam. See Pet Scams with Jack Whittaker for a complete transcript of the Easy Prey podcast episode. Jack Whittaker is a doctoral researcher in criminology…

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Online Dating Scams and How to Avoid Them

Online dating has gone mainstream. But finding love over the internet comes with risks. You could be targeted in an online dating scam. See Dating Scams with Joe Eweka for a complete transcript of the Easy Prey podcast episode. Joe Eweka has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in criminal justice from John Jay College of…

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