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Easy Prey Podcast

Ayleen Charlotte talks about her experience with the Tinder Swindler.

The Tinder Swindler: One Victim’s Story

There is lots of advice out there about how to spot online dating scams and romance scams. You’re probably familiar with a few of the red flags, such as rushing the relationship, asking you to send money through a method that’s hard to reverse, and always having an excuse for why they can’t visit in…

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Rachel Briggs and Richard Brinson talk about cybersecurity leadership.

Cybersecurity Leadership: A Business Challenge in a Tech-Centered World

Cybersecurity is a relatively young field, but businesses are embracing its importance. However, the newness of the field, along with other factors like pending legislation, a limited understanding of the field among C-level executives, and the difficulties of translating technical topics for non-technical people cause difficulties within organizations. This struggle around cybersecurity leadership is causing…

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Mike Cook talks about synthetic fraud and the dangers of data breaches.

Synthetic Fraud, Data Breaches, and Other New and Evolving Scam Techniques

Many of us are aware that scams, fraud, and cyber threats are out there. We may even be aware of some specific scamming methods, such as catfishing, hacking your accounts or devices, or even pretending to be your bank. But scammers and fraudsters are always coming up with new ways to get your information, steal…

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Peter Sisson talks about fake video issues caused by AI - and what his new company is doing to help.

AI is Causing Fake Video and Fake News Problems – But This App May Help

We all know the old phrase “seeing is believing.” We’re hard-wired to believe the things that we can see with our own eyes. But with advances in artificial intelligence (AI) technology, the line is starting to get blurry. AI can write comprehensible text, create images, make deep fakes, and fabricate fake videos that look real.…

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Our goal is to assist in online fraud prevention through education and awareness.

Online Fraud Prevention through Education and Awareness

Chris Parker, founder of, started the Easy Prey Podcast with online fraud prevention in mind. He wanted to help listeners learn to avoid being an easy target for scammers and fraudsters, both online and in the real world. Since episode 1 aired on March 18, 2020, he has interviewed some of the most influential…

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Katie Lips discusses health data and its risks.

Is Your Health Data Safe? The Risks of Digital Health Information

Most of us are comfortable sharing data in a place we believe is safe and secure. But not everyone considers where health data goes after it’s collected. And though most medical information is protected by strict data security regulations (such as HIPAA in the United States), some health information is considered “personal data” and has…

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Bank Imposter Scam

These Are the Questions Your Bank Will Never Ask You.

Maybe you’re wondering what kind of questions your bank will never ask you. That’s a great thing to know, because it will also be part of the awareness that will help you avoid falling for a scam and losing money.

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Peter Taylor discusses his research into organized cybercrime.

Research Shows How Organized Cybercrime Operates

The stereotypical picture most of us have of cybercriminals are young men in dark hoodies staring at laptop screens in their parents’ basements. But that image just isn’t accurate. Cybercrime is a business, and it’s big business. Cybercriminal networks are sophisticated, organized, and ready to take any opportunity to steal money and data. See How…

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