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Easy Prey Podcast

The Ten Scammandments

Advice for Avoiding Scams.

There are so many scams and so many people losing money. What we really need more than anything is good advice for avoiding scams. Advice we can remember, trust and follow.

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Researcher Martina Dove talks about the fraud vulnerability factors she uncovered in her research.

Fraud Vulnerability Factors that Affect if You’ll Fall for a Scam

Why do some people get caught in scams that other people spot easily? How do smart, aware people fall for fraud? And why do scammers seem to be so good at convincing us to do things, even if we know they’re a bad idea? We brought in an expert to answer these questions. There are…

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Your cybersecurity plan is incomplete without considering cyber resilience.

Why Your Business Needs a Cyber Resilience Plan Right Now

If you own or operate a business in some capacity, you’re probably already familiar with cybersecurity. You may already have a cybersecurity response plan, know to check tech like plugins and operating systems for updates, or even be running some pentesting. But have you planned for cyber resilience? If you answered “no,” you’re not alone.…

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John Hammond talks about hacker tactics.

Hacker Tactics Cybercriminals Use to Exploit Us Through Our Tech

The world of technology is ever-changing. It can be hard for individuals, and even businesses, to keep up with new advancements and the benefits and risks they bring. But cybercriminals are determined to stay on top of everything. They continuously find new ways to use our technology against us, or even to exploit us directly.…

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Kevin Kumpf talks about supply chain risks and how ot mitigate them.

Supply Chain Risks and What to Do About Them

Supply chain risks mean that if one of your partners or their partners was breached, it could affect you.

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Natalie Brunell talks about how cryptocurrency investing isn't as intimidating as most people think.

Cryptocurrency Investing Tips and Advice for Beginners

Cryptocurrency has a bit of a reputation for being high risk and high reward. We’ve all heard stories about “Bitcoin millionaires” who turned a modest investment into millions with crypto. But many tokens and crypto exchanges have imploded over the past few years, causing many people to lose their life savings. If you’re considering cryptocurrency…

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Imposter Scams

The 4 P’s of an Imposter Scam

If you know the 4 P’s of an imposter scam, you can spot one easily and avoid becoming a scammer’s victim of financial fraud.

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Richard Gilbert talks about tax fraud and how to protect yourself.

Protect Yourself from Fraud this Tax Season

Unless you’re an accountant or tax preparer who loves the increase in clients this time of year, you’re probably not a huge fan of tax season. But scammers love it because it gives them the opportunity to do what they like to do most – defraud you. There’s a massive web of tax-related scams out…

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Titania Jordan talks about virtual kidnapping and what parents can do about this new scam.

Virtual Kidnapping: A New Threat for Parents and Kids Online

A virtual kidnapping call can be terrifying – that’s why it’s important to be prepared in advance.

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Kurt Long talks about balancing privacy vs. security in messaging and why it's so important.

Balancing Privacy vs. Security is the Key to Safer Online Messaging

If someone asked you if you want the messages you send and receive to be private, you’d probably say “yes.” Most of us want at least some degree of privacy with our messages. Some of us even choose messaging apps with disappearing messages or other guarantees of complete privacy. But in the evolving landscape of…

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Paige Hanson gives tips to protect yourself from financial fraud.

Financial Fraud Protection Tips You Can Use Today

Many of us have heard horror stories about the consequences of identity theft and various types of fraud. You may have even experienced it or watched a loved one go through it. And we’ve also heard about how criminals are exploiting new technologies. But even though the technology is fancier, most of the ways they…

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Leo Laporte talks about advances in tech and what we can expect in the future.

Advances in Tech and What They Mean for You

Technology has changed so much over the past few years. New tools and ways to use them are showing up at an unprecedented rate. For those of us who aren’t enthusiasts of fancy tech stuff, it can feel like a lot of these advances only matter to the people who use high-tech gadgets and fiddle…

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Joyce Petrowski talks about protecting seniors from scams and the scam red flags we should all know.

Protecting Seniors from Scams with Education and Awareness

Older adults are full of wisdom and experience. But they are also frequent targets for scams, fraud, and deceit. But education and awareness efforts can help in protecting seniors from scams. By having conversations, highlighting common scammer tactics, sharing real-life anecdotes, and providing practical advice, we can all work together to safeguard our older loved…

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Bam Azizi talks about crypto in 2024 and the advances we can expect.

How Crypto is Advancing in 2024 and Beyond

If we want to see crypto succeed in 2024 and beyond, there needs to be more regulation.

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David McRaney talks about how to change minds and the psychology behind opinions.

How to Change Minds (Including Your Own) With the Psychology of Opinions

If someone asks you for your opinion on something, you can probably give an answer without much thought. But if you thought about it, would your opinion change? For most of us, the answer is yes. At the very least, we’d end up with a better idea of why we have that opinion. Understanding the…

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Audace Garnett talks about tech abuse and how you can protect yourself from abusers using technology.

How Abusers Misuse Technology and What Abuse Survivors Can Do

Technology can do a lot of different things. For most of us, it’s deeply integrated into our lives. And often it makes our lives better. But it can also be misused and cause a lot of harm. If you’re in a situation where you need to protect yourself from someone trying to harm or control…

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Roger Grimes talks about cybercrime, security, social engineering, and what you can do about all of it.

For Better Security, Understand Social Engineering and Patching

Scams, hackers, and other cybercriminals are everywhere. They’re creative and clever, and they’re doing their best to infiltrate your world and get whatever they can out of you. Over the past several decades, their attacks have increased, and there’s no end in sight. But you can take steps to protect yourself. If you want better…

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Jason Kent and Will Glazier talk about dating sites, scams, and fake vs taken over accounts.

Dating Sites and Scams: The Trends You Need to Know

We’re currently in “cuffing season.”. This means scammers are keeping their eyes on dating apps. Dating sites and apps make prime targets, not just because there are a lot of people on them, but because these sites can have all kinds of data available for malicious people. If you’re looking for a partner online, you…

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Troy Hunt talks about data leak protection and the two steps you can take today.

Take These 2 Steps Now to Protect Yourself From Data Leaks

Everyone on the internet is exposed to some degree of risk. One of those risks is of a data breach or leak. Every time you create a new account or set up a new app, you create a new place where your data can be hacked or breached. That’s why taking steps for better data…

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Diane Dimond talks about the guardianship system and why it's so risky.

The Guardianship System Has Risks You Should Know

As people age, their health declines and they may start having struggles with their mental faculties. Many families consider options like guardianship or conservatorship. But the court system used to appoint guardians is full of risks – including unscrupulous people out to steal your aging relative’s money. If you are aging or have an aging…

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Michael Buraimoh talks about the signs of grooming that everyone should know.

Recognize the Signs of Grooming to Protect Your Child Online

Many parents assume that grooming is something that happens to other kids, not theirs. But that assumption means they may miss signs of grooming in their child. They also pass up a valuable opportunity to teach their kids what to watch for. Any child could be targeted by groomers and manipulated into making bad choices…

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Philipp Pointner talks about the evolution of digital identity.

How Digital Identity will Change Being Online

We all know how it works: If you need to prove your identity for some reason, you have to provide an official physical document like a passport, driver’s license, or state ID. But that may soon be a thing of the past. Technology that allows digital identity verification will make it easier to prove who…

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Medicare Open Enrollment

Medicare Open Enrollment Scams: What to Look Out For!

Whether you have already enrolled in Medicare or will be signing up now or next year, you need to know what type of contact from Medicare and insurance programs are legitimate and what types are not. Scammers wont be happy, but you’ll be safer.

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Robert Karas talks about cyber attack response and why it's so important.

Cyber Attack Response: The Overlooked Step in Digital Security

Scams and cyber crime are constantly increasing. New advances in technology enable criminals to attack faster, smarter, and with ploys that look more genuine than ever. Even experts can get caught in their tricks. That’s why it’s important that we go beyond just preventing scams and cyber attacks. Prevention is part of it. But it’s…

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Rachel Gibson talks about scam victim support and available resources.

Scam Victim Support That Focuses on Victims’ Needs

People are falling for scams and fraud every day. For most of these victims, it’s not just a financial loss – it can be emotionally and psychologically devastating. And often, the scam victim support they receive is limited, if they receive any at all. But there is help and support available to help victims navigate…

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