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Easy Prey Podcast

Giulia Porter talks about text message scams.

Spam Text Messages are the New Robocalls

With new government regulations making it harder for scammers to make spam calls, they have turned to a new medium. Spam text messages are on the rise – and they carry new risks that spam calls don’t. Learn why scammers are moving from calls to texts and what you can do to protect yourself. See…

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Government Grant Scams

Government Grant Scams Are on Social Media and Finding Victims

Scammers are hacking social media accounts (like Facebook) taking over someone’s account and sending messages with links that are harmful.

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New Artificial Intelligence Technology Leads to New Challenges

Most of us would have thought artificial intelligence was limited to science fiction just a few years ago – but now, AI has become almost mainstream. Businesses of all kinds use artificial intelligence to help analyze patterns, make decisions, and more. With all the new artificial intelligence applications, though, come new challenges and dangers. See…

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Krazy Ken of the Computer Clan YouTube channel talks about tech scams and how to spot them.

Identify and Avoid Tech Scams: How to Spot the Warning Signs

Technology is advancing rapidly. It seems like every day something that used to be the purview of science fiction becomes a reality. But scammers are taking advantage of this to make tech scams look like legitimate products. Learn how to identify tech scams to avoid spending money on a useless product. See How to Avoid…

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Learn about personal cybersecurity from a former FBI agent.

Take Charge of Your Personal Cybersecurity in a World of Technology Risks

The world of technology is changing rapidly, and the COVID-19 pandemic rushed the use of remote work, remote school, telehealth, and other technologies. With these new tools and devices come new risks and dangers. It’s essential to know what risks are out there so you can take charge of your personal cybersecurity. See Former FBI…

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Ran Levi talks about scamming methods, cybersecurity, and keeping yourself safe online.

Scamming Methods are Improving with AI and Other Technologies

Technology has evolved dramatically since the early days of the internet. With all the new technological developments, scamming methods are improving, too. It’s essential to be vigilant to keep yourself safe. See The Impact of AI on Scamming with Ran Levi for a complete transcript of the Easy Prey podcast episode. Ran Levi has been…

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Learn to detect phishing and other scams to protect yourself and your information.

Detect Phishing and Protect Your Information

Phishing techniques are changing all the time. A phishing attack might not even be trying to get more money – the scammer may use their illicit access to impersonate you and scam someone else. Learning how to detect phishing is the first step in defending yourself. See Attack Techniques Scammers are Using with Joel Hollenbeck…

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As Cryptocurrencies Try to Go Mainstream, So Do Cryptocurrency Scams

If you haven’t noticed, cryptocurrency is going mainstream—or is trying desperately to do so—with high-profile actors like Matt Damon appearing on Super Bowl ads to a major sporting venue, the former Staples Center in Los Angeles taking on the name of a new cryptocurrency company.

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