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Easy Prey Podcast

People Hacking with Jenny Radcliffe

When you hear the word “hacker,” you envision someone breaking into a computer, but did you know that people can be hacked? The manipulation and persuasion of people can lead to someone gaining physical access to a location or even data being leaked.  Today’s guest is Jenny Radcliffe. Jenny is the founder and director of…

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What makes us easy prey

We Become Easy Prey for Scams When We Lose Our Focus

Even the smartest person you know could be the victim of a scam if the circumstances are right. We become easy prey for scams when something causes us to let our guard down.

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Sales Influence with Paul Ross

Standard sales scripts can make some people sound shady or pushy, but techniques of influence and persuasion are supposed to produce different results. How can you tell the difference between something shady or legitimate? Today’s guest is Paul Ross. Paul is an author, speaker, trainer, master hypnotist, and master practitioner of neuro linguistic programming. For…

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Child Exploitation with Dr. Deaneè Johnson

Child exploitation is an incredibly sensitive and difficult topic. It is vital to understand what resources are available to help the victims find healing. Today’s guest is Dr. Deaneè Johnson. Dr. Johnson has been a key player in advancing the victim services field at the federal, state, and local levels for over twenty years. As…

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Amazon Scams with Shaahin Cheyene

Amazon is a huge enterprise that makes billions of dollars every year and grew 84% in 2020. Some scammers have capitalized on its success and have found ways to deceive Amazon’s customers for their own gain. Today’s guest is Shaahin Cheyene. Shaahin is an award-winning entrepreneur, investor, speaker, podcaster, writer, and filmmaker currently based in…

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Deep Fakes with Lonnie Waugh

A “deep fake” typically refers to a video that has been edited to replace the person in the original video with someone else, commonly a public figure in a way that makes the video look entirely authentic. These are time consuming to make but can be very convincing. Today’s guest is Lonnie Waugh. Lonnie is…

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Data Destruction with Paul Katzoff

In the past, deleting a file was considered safe data destruction. But we know that it only clears the pointer to the file and not the data itself. Today there are many options when it comes to destroying data even though some hard drives seem almost indestructible.  Today’s guest is Paul Katzoff. Paul is the…

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Hacking with Alissa Valentina Knight

Gifted hackers can access data from a government website, a hospital medical system, or even a car. Most are not aware when their personal information is stolen, sold, and used until it is too late.  Today’s guest is Alissa Knight. Alissa is a recovering hacker of 20 years, a cyber security influencer, content creator, and…

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