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Latest Tech and Accessories for Your Dog


If you’re a techie who’s also a pet lover, you probably love spoiling your furry friend with the latest tech, accessories, and toys. Pets deserve some sophisticated gadgets too. And if these tools make caring for your pet more convenient than it’s a win for both of you.

Below is a list of 11 of the latest tech trends for dogs. Cat-lovers you’re in luck–most of these gadgets are suitable for your favorite feline as well.

Pet Tracker

Having a pet run away is one of the worst feelings a dog or cat owner can experience. If you fit your pet with a GPS tracker, you can easily find them again. Most trackers will fit on an animal’s collar so they’re non-invasive. More sophisticated models will track activity to keep tabs on your dog’s fitness and include a light in case they’re lost after dark.

Pet Camera

Pet cameras that let you keep an eye on your furry friend while you’re away aren’t a new trend. Recent models have added features, though. Some include a microphone so you can speak to your pet and reassure them, others have a treat dispenser. Other cameras have laser pointers or interactive games to keep your pet busy and out of mischief when you’re not home.

Bark Collar

This handy gadget will train your dog to stop barking so much. The collar doesn’t use shocks like an electric fence. Instead, it shoots mist into your dog’s nose after it detects barking. The mist doesn’t hurt your dog but it does annoy them enough to make them want to stop. Those with a newborn baby and a dog under one roof might find the bark collar especially beneficial. The collar is also great for training your dog to stop barking incessantly or at inappropriate times.

Smart Feeder

Dogs thrive on routine. They like to eat, sleep, walk, and play at the same times each day. If you struggle to get your pet their food on time, the smart feeder might make both your lives easier. You can pre-set it to release your pet’s food on a schedule, plus the smart feeder can adapt to your pet’s dietary needs and create a custom feeding plan. The smartest smart feeders come with an app that lets you control the food schedule remotely, as well as track your pet’s calorie intake.

GoPro Camera Harness

Want to capture a dog’s-eye-view or record your pooch chasing after a squirrel? Now you can, with little disturbance to your dog. You can get a pet harness made specifically for mounting a GoPro camera. You stick the camera on top of your dog’s back or, for larger dogs, just below their chest. While this gadget may not make your pet’s life any easier, it sure will be entertaining for you. Now you can find out where your dog buries all its toys in your backyard, or get cold-hard evidence of those darn rabbits eating your tomato plants.

Dog Cooling Collar

Without sweat glands, dogs sometimes struggle to stay cool in the summer or hot sun. You can plop them in front of a fan or air mister, or try to keep them underneath the shade. But dogs don’t always like to stay put, so you need a cooling solution that travels with them. A dog cooling collar does just that, fitting like a scarf around your dog’s neck. You moisten it and put it on and it should keep your pet from overheating.

Ball Launcher

Arm getting tired from all the fetch you’re playing? Keep your dog entertained for hours—and prevent stiff arm muscles—with an automatic ball launcher. You can load up a launcher with tennis balls and it will shoot them up to thirty feet away. Your dog gets worn out quickly without you having to go for a walk.

Dog DNA Test

A DNA test is more for pet owners than the pet. You can find out which breeds your mutt belongs to, and the results might surprise you. The DNA test will also help you determine if your dog is predisposed to any genetic diseases.

Smart Door

A smart door is an important safety feature for any dog or cat owner to have. With an unlocked dog or cat door, anyone can make their way into your home. A smart door uses radio frequencies to detect a sensor in your pet’s collar and will only open when your pet is near the door. Your pets can come and go as they please and you don’t have to worry about your home’s safety.

Light Up Collar

A light up collar is an essential safety gadget. It’s heartbreaking when a pet wanders outside, into the road, and gets hit by a car. Since these accidents usually happen at night, putting a lighted collar on your dog or cat will help drivers spot your pet in the dark. Some collars also come with camera attachments or GPS tracking.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If you have a pet that sheds, you’ll understand the necessity of a robot vacuum. No matter how much you sweep, lint-roll, or run the regular vacuum, you never seem to get all the pet hair lying around your house. A robot vacuum cleaner takes care of those fuzzies for you—but only on the floor. You’ll still have to lint-roll your clothing pretty often.

Tech and gadgets entertain us and make our lives more comfortable. Why shouldn’t your pet deserve the same luxury? The next time you want to spoil your dog or cat, try investing in one of these latest tech trends.

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