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IP Details For:

Decimal: 1653323544


ASN: 26101

ISP: Yahoo-bf1

Organization: Yahoo-bf1

Services: None detected

Type: Broadband

Assignment: Likely Static IP

Continent: North America

Country: United States

State/Region: New York

City: Lockport

Javascript disabled or geolocation map not available.

Latitude: 43.1721  (43° 10′ 19.56″ N)

Longitude: -78.6913  (78° 41′ 28.68″ W)

Postal Code: 14095

User Comments About


Do any of you have any picture he might have sent ? - 2018-11-04

hi has anyone heard of a woman named elizebeth robin?seems to come from this same ip address...anyone have contact with this woman? - 2017-05-28

been scammed by a Michael Colombo Davis. Supposedly fro KY. Did IP search and believe it a scam ring. Goes from San Fransico to Brooklyn to NORTH CAROLINA AND AN UNKNOWN COUNTRY. Anytime they ask for $$ it is a scam - 2017-01-22

This person keeps messaging my boyfriend and won't stop. - 2016-11-26

I've been cyber bullied and stalked by a man under this IP address, he has pictures of me and constantly finds me on social media trying to get more pictures from me and tells me he will send them to my parents and friends on Facebook if I don't, anyone have the same situation? - 2016-08-10

Thanks for the information. It's so difficult to believe after talking to him that he can do it. I agree he is polite but he told me that he is 29 yrs old and not married. Told me that he is on a clandestine operation and cannot meet or talk to me. I have instead him to call me so many times but he has answers for everything. He has never asked me for Money too. He says that he loves me... I feel for him too... I wish and pray that he is what I think he is! - 2016-07-29

I spoke with him about 2 years ago. I'm from Italy, he wrote he was from Italy too. He speaks Italian perfectly, and contacted me via facebook. He never asked me for money or something similar, he just wanted someone to spoke with in my opinion. He told me he was a biologist, he sent me photos of 2 daughters and a new wife (the mother of the girls died, he said). I then dicovered that photos were from an Australian blog, and that also the new wife's profile was a fake (I wrote her to, she was a cellist named Sara). He posted some photos about an Heineken add, saying thay were pictures of him and friends. So I discovered him, and he disappeared. He (or they?) seems to be a polite person, with a great culture but with the lack of someone to talk with. He nev - 2016-07-24

Can somebody please tell me more about Mike Kalver. I am in touch with him and kind of similar to what somebody wrote about him on the post. I really need to know! - 2016-07-06

They he-she just hacked all my accounts - 2016-04-18

oh wow this person i have been chatting with name is Mike Kalver, says he is a book writer who lives here in the us doing research on his book in Nepal...he said he doesnt not like social media and so there for when i have looked him up nothing of that names exist he has also given me his mothers name and a his deceased father even told me where he was i am shocked to say the least..but was aware of something fishy going on he could never send a photo he said at the air port his cell and lappy were stolen...and then said he would be out of town for 3 days....thank you soo much for ip search,...i am not sure if this is linked to him...but i searched his name and it led me to a city in ca...near his home town...thanks - 2015-02-23

I hope that all of you that have been scammed by the people using this IP address send the pictures you have and report them to romance scam or pig buster. This will help a lot of people by seeing the pictures and name in there. Don't be ashamed to accept you have been scammed or nearly being scammed. - 2015-02-09

Now he goes by the name Frederick Bergman in gmail and Fredrick Hudson in yahoo - 2015-02-03

Goes by the name Neil and claims to be from Miami working with a storage warehouse! - 2015-01-22

Carrie peck is the name he or they used - 2014-12-25

This IP address comes form a yahoo email. It is a legit address. - 2014-09-23

I know him by Jerome T Scott - 2014-08-13

i have been talking to an "abby lawson" from this ip address he/she has been talking to me since i was a minor just trying to date me and talk to me i'm so confused and dont know what to think - 2014-06-25

SCAMMER - 2014-05-19

This "person" is attempting to offer me a job. Thank god I didn't do the phone interview. - 2014-05-18

He is on Facebook by the Name of Bob Rich, or Bob Richmond. - 2014-05-03

Wish to clarify a mistake. This IP address for one 'Paolo Simoni Veschi' did set up a number of fake profiles, but for the record, this person and his fake profiles did NOT ask for any money. Sorry for incorrect information, but new details have just come to light with regards to his other fake profiles TY. - 2014-04-14

Try Glenn Keith. Ring a bell, anyone? - 2014-03-27

A guy going by the name of Poalo Simoni Veschi has used this IP address. He claims to be a marine biologist from Europe. He grooms women. He did not ask for money but set up a few fake profiles and these profiles did ask for money. He claimed he had cancer. He used and upset a lot of women. - 2014-03-26

treyvion jones? - 2014-03-19

amazing. - 2014-02-24

Anyone heard of the name Lawrence Kramer associated wtih this ip address? - 2014-02-22

This person goes by Draven, David or MathewTaylor. Runs a fake site called Music Eternal and is working with a big group. - 2014-02-09

This guy is using the name Haywood Harrison asked for ipad and hacked my facebook and email. Stay away. Also used the name David Brown. Was able to get pics of me nude and tried to blackmail me. - 2014-01-16

I met a lady on a dating site named mary gourlay in e mail but after talking she says she can't talk on the phone because its messed up. So, we talk on yahoo messenger and tells me she needs a new iphone and we can talk and I would be the first person she calls. Well already red flags are going off, so she tells me to she lives with her uncle and to send her $500 to her uncle Gary Knot I said I will not send money to someone I do not know and she tried saying I don't trust her and so on then she tells me to send it to her and gives Mary knot so I said I would not send money and she said I disrespect her and hurt her feelings well I can tell a scam seen this coming a mile away so be on the lookout - 2013-12-01

Scammer....this time he is known as Steve Roy ...appears in tagged but never really being able to provide a consistent story...even got his own age wrong when questioned time after time... - 2013-10-28

claims to be sgt. stephen peters from the u.s. army based in kabul, afghanistan. Asked me to send his daughters (caregivers) money for his daughter. He went as far as giving me a bank aname URBAN TRUST and Bank account number and the name on the account (BERNADETTE COLLINS) as soon as i said no i never heard from him again. This " STEPHEN PETER has 2 Facebook profiles also. - 2013-10-23

my mum told me boy is going to jail never c hm again!!!! i liked him he did a vry bad thing police got 2 get 4eva - 2013-10-19

sent me a weird spam email re: Stealth Seducer. I didn't open it. I deleted it immediately. - 2013-09-26

Name is Anthony - 2013-09-16

Met this guy on a dating site. Turns out that two of the men that responded, one named "Sean Parker" from NY & Texas and the other named "Gary Johnson" from Colorado both have the same IP Address coming out of a Corporate acct in Sunnyvale, CA! Stay away! - 2013-09-15

Used mike torini on POF Charlotte nc - 2013-09-02

Used the name Larry schaaf to try and scam a couple out of a deposit on a property in California. - 2013-08-09

He pretends to be a 13yr boy named Noel who lives in Pennsylvania - 2013-06-25

This is also Tyler Stewart, running a scam on artists - 2013-05-26

He is also posing as a Thad or Thaddeaus Newton. - 2013-05-22

He is using a yahoo account under rrhoust9 and a phx number with an area code of 480. He is offering a DOM/SUB relationship/training on Phoenix AZ craigslist. - 2013-05-14

05/08/2013 Scam housing rental listings on Craigslist in Wyoming are coming from this IP address. They appear to have several addresses. - 2013-05-08

thats just great,now he is in my comp thanks to ms and comcast. - 2013-02-10

is this a bs story or are you telling the truth.i wouldnt give any stranger money,if i had any. obviously a proxy,and a good one.i smell a rat. i think he is more than you think. - 2013-02-10

He is going by name Anthony Robert Hyde. Claims he's a secret agent in the army. He had me going and even got $500 out of me. I reported him to the Federal Government. - 2013-01-26

He is going by name Anthony Robert Hyde. Claims he's a secret agent in the army. He had me going and even got $500 out of me. I reported him to the Federal Government. - 2013-01-26

Has anyone heard the name gage Scott? - 2013-01-21

scammer as female this nasty very quick to send respone email faith kennedy in fora scammrs in face book i hate scammers - 2013-01-08

Also poses as a women named Mercedes Morales that sais she is in a hospital in africa and she needs $1270 to pay the doc so she can go home again - 2012-12-22

Yahoo! :D - 2012-12-16

This same guy is now using the name James A. Forman and is trying to rent a very expensive home in Naples, FL for a ridiculously cheap price. Thanks for the info. - 2012-12-03

this address is being used by a scammer going by the name rolland pullman of md... - 2012-11-08

this ip address is associated with known scammer ip - 2012-11-08

You do realize you met him on yahoo. - 2012-11-05

he is a hacker. - 2012-11-03

This person (possibly persons) is a scam. I met him on POF dating. I was never asked for money, but I believe he did get into my comp through email exchange. He just disappeared then his "brother" suddenly became interested...whoever this person is...he or they are cruel. They caused a lot of emotional distress. They even told me that the original guy I met went into a coma! Now any address I get, I do a reverse lookup online. Many of them are from Sunnyvale, CA. This guy went by the name of Wesley Austin and his brothers name was Bradley Austin - 2012-10-30

This is most likely NOT an individual, but a mail server. - 2012-10-30

Now he is using the name o Jason Amando and use a girla as his daughter with the name of lucy amando. He tried to get money from me to help is suppose daughter who had an accident. He forgot the time zone, that's what makes me suspicious, No daughter goes on sunday on a school in europe, cause was where he said he was. He caused a lot of emotional dammage, then he disappeared. - 2012-10-30

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