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IP Details For:

Decimal: 134744072


ASN: 15169

ISP: Google LLC

Services: Datacenter

Assignment: Likely Static IP

Country: United States

State/Region: California

City: Mountain View

Javascript disabled or geolocation map not available.

Latitude: 37.405991  (37° 24′ 21.57″ N)

Longitude: -122.078514  (122° 4′ 42.65″ W)

Latitude and Longitude are often near the center of population. These values are not precise and should not be used to identify a specific address or for legal purposes. Geolocation data from IP2Location.

User Comments About

sus amogus - 2022-05-02

My balls itch - 2022-04-18

Wait what the fq - 2022-04-15

how do i hack google? i want become hacker :) - 2022-04-05 - 2022-03-22

100% Russain spy company selling your data to china - 2022-03-19

amogus - 2022-01-26

use instead - 2021-12-14

Wii music = best music - 2021-11-23

Panteq - 2021-11-10

This is Google DNS server's ip address, It may show up in chrome or google app errors as these apps take data from this server, Nothing else!! - 2021-09-28

Google - 2021-08-02

I have never enjoyed reading a thread more than this, the stupidity and the wisdom posted so many times next to each other but most haven't bothered to read any of it to fix their problem and just jump down and post a comment. It's incredible people can still be this dumb with basically infinite knowledge at their fingertips. - 2021-07-26

this ip is russian spy - 2021-07-14

Net problem - 2021-06-06

My hacking step Asia fabrics Limited 20 next hour continue password - 2021-02-02

Bonjour, je suis vraiment tanné d'être piraté par ce même DNS JE NE SUIS PAS UNE PRO INFORMATIQUE, J'aimerais bien savoir comment faire pour pouvoir m'en départir svp Manon d'amours. - 2020-08-24

I can has DNS ? - 2020-05-09

Code - 2020-04-04

haking - 2020-03-26

Not for use in Indonesia and Japan - 2020-03-08

Im hungry - 2020-02-08

I need to know who is registered, because i am doing CyberFirst Girls 2020 and is doing on of the questions :) - 2020-01-15

Rajesh - 2019-11-21

How to block any website - 2019-11-17

Oct 30 14:01:03 Per-source UDP Flood Attack Detect (ip= Packet Dropped - 2019-10-30

Sartaj - 2019-08-01

Wi fi - 2019-07-12

Submit conekat - 2019-05-22

Idiots, people who are using Google DNS ( will show up as That mean's, not Google, but someone using their DNS for faster internet, were trying to log on to your site as admin - 2019-04-24

Hheh3h - 2019-04-13

I want a sandwich^^ - 2019-04-10

I m new manner .just my friend vifi paswerd give me please .do not leave the pag - 2019-04-04

Soy de Venezuela para usar esta aplicación en caso de emergencia y estar comunicado - 2019-03-16

Venezuela - 2019-02-05

Quiero saber sobre vzla - 2019-02-03

Facebook - 2019-02-03

Soy de Venezuela y necesito usar esta aplicación - 2019-02-03

Richeloraffi - 2019-01-27

Start all aaps - 2019-01-14

This thread is hilarious - 2019-01-10

Bruno - 2018-12-15

how I change my - 2018-12-13

Google collect your data just use or dns for privacy - 2018-12-06

Ha mama át nincs tim fel igaz nem zizi a na ma? sorry-it a wrong. are Yes No. Igen nem. - 2018-07-29

It's just google dns lol? - 2018-02-17

please someone tell me who the registered owner of it is - 2018-02-03

Lol everyones here from the cyberfirst thing - 2018-02-02

google isnt it - 2018-02-01

people saying its a hacker are stupid. They should do research before saying its a hacker. - 2018-01-27

PKIM DNS Records Verifier - 2018-01-25

Well technically, the block of ips belong to Level 3. Google just get the ips from them. - 2017-07-26

ABS DAYING - 2017-05-09

^ True. - 2017-05-05

Plz tell me. The IP address registered owner xd - 2017-04-26

Google is the registered owner - 2017-03-06

y'all above are doing the cyberfirst thing aren't you? XD - 2017-03-04


Hi, anybody know who this IP address's registered owner is? - 2017-03-02

Best comment chain ever - 2017-02-07

pl.requst to accept my public google DNS server on my computor. - 2016-11-09

You people are stupid. The attacks on your site is because people use browser forwarded-for headers to make it look like is their ip. This is google public DNS. - 2016-11-02

This is not the CIA, spies, or a hacker... This is Google's public DNS. If you don't want to use it change your DNS settings! - 2016-09-07

Someone please tell me how to block this Chinese/American cover under I.P. ? These spies are annoying me. - 2016-09-06

i thinking back,that's not cia,that's just hacker. - 2016-06-29

that's cia or i don't sure some another organization,but make sure you didn't research some subject which had avoided for public. - 2016-06-28

How do I know if my DNS is set at ? - 2016-06-25

Brute force attempts that seem to come from here most likely have a spoofed return address. - 2016-04-09

Google DNS - 2016-03-24

looking for lost pictures of mine - 2015-05-25

Google's public DNS. Tracks you for profit. - 2015-05-01

ko ada internet positif sih - 2014-07-05

Google's DNS - 2014-07-01

i was just on xbox live support on telephone and they had me change my DNS to also asked what these error codes were and he could not tell me what any of them were for.Ive also been redirected looking up a certain person on google or any other search engine.sumtimes says on google error 404 and thats all they can give me - 2014-04-21

Tried to login as 'admin' to my site too - have blocked it too - 2014-02-10

Google - 2014-01-08

google dns - 2013-11-05

I have 'little snitch' and have denied access to this site! What is it? Why are they constantly trying to gain access? - 2013-10-25

Very fast DNS server, and THEY DO NOT SPOOF or alter the domain address that's supposed to be resolved to a numbered IP Address, very fast - 2013-07-18

hidden location, but Google says ALL their servers, YouTube, OrKut, Gmail, Google, Android and Google Drive are hosted/located in Mountain View, California, United States - 2013-07-17

This IP address was trying to break into my computer system - 2013-04-06

Tried to log into my website 56 times. - 2013-04-06

This IP address attempted to login as "admin" to my website. I have since blocked this IP address. Is this really Google? - 2013-04-03

Servidor DNS de Google, nunca falla! - 2012-10-04

This IP tried to login to my site. If this was Google, why would they do that? "An unknown location at IP attempted a failed login using an invalid username "admin"." - 2012-08-08

A Very good DNS Server - 2012-07-01

One of Google's Public DNS servers. See also: - 2012-05-24

On may 3rd 2012 while online I received a security threat from this address of a DNS poisoning attack. How can Google get away with this ??? - 2012-05-03

set this as my primary DNS and the benchmarks are showing it as 40% faster than my current - 2012-02-26

I just wanted to know if this ip is hosted in CA, USA, then how the latency is below 50ms... somewhere is redirecting to local ip :) - 2012-02-21

why did this show up on cain and abel while searching ip's on my 360? - 2011-04-16

Google Public DNS - 2011-02-25

One of the Google DNS is locate on this IP-adress - 2011-01-30

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