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Services:None detected
Assignment:Likely Static IP
Continent:North America
Country:United States us flag
Latitude: 37.751  (37° 45′ 3.60″ N)
Longitude: -97.822  (97° 49′ 19.20″ W)

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Believe he is a scammer in Ghana...beware - 2013-05-07

Yeph...scammers from Ghana....beware and seems educated and falls in love then asks for money and has his/her driver need to go to wu to pickup as always an emergency...then an email from the driver saying he has an emergency in hospital or unpaid restaurant bills and will be arrested..Beware - 2013-05-06

Inline dating profiles are being setup from this IP number to con women and whomever. - 2015-03-28

I met him on plenty of fish dating site! Hes going by Seth palacio. Hwe have been corrasponding for about three weeks. he hasnt asked me for anything yet! and he wont get a penny from me. Im just messing with him now! - 2015-04-15

What is his user name - 2015-05-05

I get the same IP address related to someone claiming to be Marko Petrovic from Belgrade Serbia or Luxembourg... He changes his age and location... He must be a make believe guy from the same scam racket! He hasn't gotten a dime of mine! - 2015-05-16

Pues yo lo he conocido como Joseph Rotondo! Y me ha pedido dinero para su hijo!! Lo cual no sacara nada!! - 2016-06-18

There is a chance that this I P Address is somehow being spoofed as it came to me through a gmail address from a lady I believe to be Italian from U K, Met her on Plenty of Fish dating site. There were some good chats but she claimed she was abused by her Boy Friend may be married as her name did register as being married from one Latin site, she also claimed she was alone with no other family members as she lost her parents. however the name may be common. Paulio Ista registered with this gMail email I P here? And that was a bit of a surprise as she registers in the USA now but she did say she had an Aunty in the USA and wanted to ask her for money to come here with (to Australia) and start a new life with me. I noticed she was 34 DOB April But are thos - 2016-11-07

This is likely a Gmail server, not an individual. - 2016-11-07

This is not only one person but several different men and women using this VPN. I have bypassed their proxy server a few times and ddosed their connection. They typically run on Craigslist sites in numerous states but dating sites etc as well. Typically the people behind this static IP address will request if they can send you an eCheck that is invalid and threaten you to pay. These men and women are total cowards and keyboard warriors. Props though, they do make MILLIONS a year through their operations from scamming individuals in the United States. Several of these men and women have been arrested on these crimes recently but their is hundreds and hundreds more that are still acting upon this. Their REAL ip will typically be located in Indiana. If you need - 2019-01-25

I have made the same experience,I made the same experience,have send all emails and photos to the Interpol in Lyon France. - 2019-03-10

I have the same experience too. He pretend to be my singer idol. Til now I'm just playing and pretending didn't know that it wasn't her. - 2019-03-17

hey this is another one I got from yall putting my email in, what can I do? - 2019-04-14

Esta persona se hace pasar por un medico en Yemen que trabaja para UNICEF. pide dinero para salir de vacaciones y conocer a su promeida/o. Con buenas palabras embauca a las mujeres para después obligarles a enviarles dinero yu si no lo tienen les obligan a que lo pidan o vendan oro, o realicen operaciones con bancos. Esta denunciado ante las autoridades Españolas. - 2019-04-25

Follow up to my last post. This person only asks for payments of crypto currency or pictures of gift cards. Payment options that a non refundable. I recall asking if they would take a PayPal but of course they wouldn’t and I found that out the hard way but atleast I only lost a lil upwards of $50 instead of $250. Phone number I was contacted on was +1 (859) 472-4596 if this helps anyone trying to track them down. The law really needs to step in and catch this person or persons because they are doing a large number on many people as I see all these other post. Please catch and bring to justice. - 2019-04-25

This IP address was used to make a unatutnhorized purchase on Amazon. - 2019-04-26

미군을 사칭하는 사기꾼 . - 2019-05-01

Their hackers do not trust this IP..they claimed to be a singer but I knew something was wrong when a BLACK singer sounded Mexica ..beware! - 2019-05-10

So I got an email coming from this IP address saying she was a deaf 31 year old woman moving from California to Connecticut and wanted to hire me to take care of her dogs but would be shipping her dogs out here first and wanted me to pick up the dogs and that her husband is going to pay me. Super weird - 2019-05-15

My son's Roblox account was hacked from this e-mail address. - 2019-05-17

A man at this IP added me as friend from Facebook, and told a sad personal story, his parents died, his wife and son died 4 years ago by a car accident. He has no friends and working on a oil rig as a engineer on the sea after many days talking, he said his workers broke the cylinder, he needs to buy a new one, he can’t make the payment as he is on the rig, he asked me to pay for the cylinder and he will pay me back. I didn’t do that - 2019-05-17

This person pretended to be in love with me. I'm not sure what for. I couldn't offer them anything as I was underage. They told me a few sad stories about their childhood and I felt sorry for them as I had suffered too. I have felt like an idiot for falling for these tricks. I hope they realise the pain they inflict on others. I had planned a life with them for years. I spent years waiting for the opportunity to meet them. I'm also fearful for my life based on these comments. - 2019-05-25

Currently chatting to some one using this IP address claiming there in the army stationed in Afghanistan. But you can’t fool me cause I have army family members. Currently playing dumb cause whomever doesn’t know that I caught on to them. They haven’t asked for anything but I know soon enough they will. - 2019-06-21

I was chatting with a man who said that he is in US army and he had a car accident in Istanbul, Turkey. His money and his personal belongings were in a box and the Turkish officer can't release and he asked money for hospital bills. He can provide fake bills, documents, ids etc. He uses some one else identity. I lost a huge amount of money. If you caught him he continue with an other story. Never ending. Be careful! - 2019-06-26

haha same ip this time they 'have hacked my email and are sending me emails from my own account '.. no they arent as its easy to check by looking at sent items in ur email account ,, and u will see nothing ,, just lies tryint to scare u into paying bitcoin to them dont fall for it ,, however if u do track them down please let us all know as im sure many would love to pop round and share their 'bitcoin' personally :) - 2019-06-27

He sent an email and said he was my pastor and looking for help to buy gift cards for cancer patients. He was contacting several people in my church group doing the same thing. - 2019-07-03

What are the names that they are using - 2019-07-04

Claiming to be amazon work from home.then video mesaaged me and told me I was marked and a bunch of other obseneties.definately a scam - 2019-08-01

No names are to be used ? What? As in NZ we had a group of unruly British people !! It was one of namessential! - 2019-08-02

American Irish mafia - 2019-08-02

What the neighbor told me, is that ITunes cards have to be from NZ. And can be redeemed for exchange rate at a brokers. Then they are returned into New Zealand - 2019-08-02

I read the exact same story that my now late mother got with the guy on the oil rig, family dead, wife passed away main gear of oil rig broken and can’t pay for it then had a super large check to pay his workers but had to have so much money to cash it. I told her he was a fake and it was a scam. He took her for thousands. I believe his name was micheal. Then she fell for a guy visiting Africa someplace. He ends up getting mugged and has no money for the hospital, a motel, food, etc. she fell for it and again after I told her no it was fake she once again lost thousands. She drained her bank accounts and had to take out a high interest loan to pay him. I got an email from a woman, supposedly from portland, Oregon. North of me she sent pictures and was beau - 2019-08-02

Same IP is scamming and phishing on Offer Up app. - 2019-08-07

He is a scammer name "Víctor" but he starting keeping in touch with me saying he was a famous actor. Aks then for money. Said he lives in italy Rome... Beware!!!!! - 2019-08-08

Got this IP operating under the name Randy Alfredo, offered to fix my websites SEO... We're an award winning SEO team... no background checking done there... - 2019-08-22

This mite be my ex I checked all of her emails and they all have the same up address she is a scammer and is in Phoenix Scottsdale how can I help? - 2019-08-23

This individual emailed me about a survey assignment to purchase gift cards and email/text them the photos of the gift cards with the SEAL SCRATCHED TO SHOW THE GIFT CARD CODE. Scam for sure. - 2019-08-24

What is his real name - 2019-08-29

Any descriptions of photos sent by this person? - 2019-09-04

this is a gmail server many people use it if u have a gmail account in the south east u probably use this ip - 2019-09-19

I hope I am not too late in reporting this as I received an e-mail from the same IP address listed above. This man goes by various names and uses various man's faces to portray as his own. He even goes to the extent to use the party family members as his own (kids). The same story as above his wife died, has no one but a friend to help him and how much his mom loves him while they all are dependent on him. He will take time to ask for money and gift cards - give it a week or two and then goes at the throat to ask 4 money for some mishap and for his son. He does not work on an oil rig but does jet off to Europe to handle some issues. Be very cautious as this man's intentions are much greater than anyone could expect. Believe nothing you see or read un - 2020-01-22

I have been receiving messages from this same person using this same ip address. He is claiming to be Scott Eastwood (Clint Eastwoods son). what do i do? - 2020-04-04

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