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ISP:Google LLC

Likely mail server

Country:United States

State/Region:New York


Latitude:43.1013 (43° 6′ 4.68″ N)

Longitude:-75.2327 (75° 13′ 57.57″ W)

Latitude and Longitude are often near the center of population. These values are not precise enough to be used to identify a specific address, individual, or for legal purposes. IP data from IP2Location.

User Comments About

This is likely a mail server—not an individual. Comments about an individual may not apply to the person you are talking to.

what the sigma - 2024-06-06

14-05-2024 - A friend ask what is this email from Google Ads - turns out probably fake Ads refunds / scam. He never pay any Google Ads at all + we're in Indonesia. Why the heck they would send refund if we never had any to pay the first time lol. - 2024-05-13

email said "Congrats (name)" with a broken image, pretty sure its a scam - 2024-03-05

Romance Scammer using this email to send fake military ID’s to authenticate his identity. He’s not in the military he’s scammer - 2023-09-07

this are scammers - 2023-03-05

man its from ebay ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮ - 2023-02-12

Hate email sent to me directly, passed to UK Cybercrimes division - 2023-01-21

this person and her friend who claim to be a tictocker uses sad stories to scam people, once they have your info they contact those who are associated and cause havoc, beware of shady stories - 2022-12-31

It's time to get your water shut off, guess you didn't know there's a new cat who took over the utilities department. I guess don't matter who you are, but once it's determined that you've been shown that wherever you reside it's not longer getting handled by collection agencies or their lawyers, or any other lawyers for that matter. You will be going for a swim from now since you enjoy water so much.The notices you were given were ignored, now there's a bill you've all collectively earned. I'm sorry to say it has become something none of you can pay any amount of money, running, lying, hiding, or pleading will change. Let this be your final notice. Each one of you will have there water shut off just as soon as we can make the time to get out finest highly s - 2022-09-06

Currently in romantic scam with salt pepper bearded man who is using this VPN to con women. Be aware. This is an ongoing issue with him and stalking ex partners. - 2022-06-16

This ip is trynig sending mails via my domain - 2022-06-07

Scammer 100% - 2022-04-11

russians google ads scam - 2021-12-19

constant daily messages from often amazon promotion. all fake stuff - 2021-10-16

It’s a scammer who seems to be repeatedly trying to rip off companies with the same “I cut myself on your packaging/product” grift. - 2021-10-04

Used to spoof a public library. - 2021-08-03

This is not my location. I was hacked by a disgruntled admirer and am being punished for breaking off contact with him. I know I'm set up as a spammer, but can't find the source to eliminate having my identity spread worldwide, according to "Little Snitch." This was a targeted hack, I'm being cyber-stalked and harassed. My life has been severely threatened as I'm unable to use either an IOS or Android OS. - 2021-07-06

A Google-owned domain - 2021-06-08

Phishing/Scam Emails from this IP Address. - 2020-11-30

This IP is trying to send email using my domain. My DMARC Shows SPF and DKIM Failed for this IP! - 2020-09-15

This seems to be a genuine Google-owned mail server, and yet it seems to be sending spam out using my company's domain name. - 2020-05-13

GEORGE TESTANI is using this IP address to hide his real name and post defaming content on GOOGLE but why? He is coward. - 2019-10-31

my email is not a scam but why is it considered scam? - 2019-06-01

Scammer - 2019-05-01

Used by multiple women involved with romantic scams. - 2019-04-03

Scammer. I offered my services for free literally - 2019-03-29

Pretended to be school staff and asked for personal information through email (SCAM) - 2018-11-28

massive daily spam abuse from - 2018-11-15

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