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IP Details For:

Decimal: 225117234


ASN: 8068

ISP: Microsoft Corporation

Services: Public Proxy Server

Assignment: Likely Static IP

Country: United States

State/Region: Washington

City: Redmond

Javascript disabled or geolocation map not available.

Latitude: 47.682899  (47° 40′ 58.44″ N)

Longitude: -122.120903  (122° 7′ 15.25″ W)

Latitude and Longitude are often near the center of population. These values are not precise enough to be used to identify a specific address or for legal purposes. IP data from IP2Location and IPBlock.

User Comments About

I'm scanning a file with VirusTotal, and it marked it as malware, tracing the file a little bit I saw this ip, information receiver for bigdata? - 2022-02-01

Windows - the most distributed spyware in the world. lsass.exe trying to make outbound connection to this IP but PC is using local offline account and is not connected to a corporate domain. My firewall blocked it. - 2019-11-22

Good old, Microsoft Spyware - 2019-07-20

this ip communicate and getting traffic every second from my ISP - 2019-05-22

God! God? Perhaps... - 2018-12-27

Windows Update! your internet network will busy all day long, every day, every week, for the rest of your life :( welcome to windows guys :) - 2018-12-20

agree with everyone here, 99% certain is windows update - 2018-11-14

thank you for this info - 2018-11-14

Appears to be all incoming data, assocciated with Windows update. - 2018-10-18

Message: IPS Alert 1: Executable Code was Detected. Signature ET SHELLCODE Common %0c%0c%0c%0c Heap Spray String. From: Thanks MS! jajaa - 2018-08-29

WINDOWS UPDATE GUYS!!!!!! - 2018-08-15

Esse IP esta fazendo ataque DDOS - 2018-05-12

this is Microsoft windows update center - 2018-04-28

windows update ip - 2018-04-11

99.9% sure this is for windows update -17.3.2018 - 2018-03-17

I am confused too.. Seems this address is listening and remotely controlled my PC. - 2018-03-14

Windows updates IP address - 2018-01-29

windows update IP - 2018-01-19

I'm getting DDoS from this IP, and, - 2017-11-07

windows 10 upgrader - 2017-10-19

windows update - 2017-07-24

it is windows update. - 2017-07-24

99% sure this is for windows update - 2017-06-07

......................... confusing - 2017-06-06

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