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Hacking News: They Don’t Always Break In. Sometimes We Let Them In.

I don't always ask for your credentials. But when I do, you will give them to me.

We’ve seen movies where criminals have gained access to a company with the direct help from a cohort on the inside…an employee of the company who’s in on the crime. Here’s an update to the latest hacking news.

These days, cyberthieves don’t need someone on the inside to pull off a caper or a data breach. They use information and deceit to get employees to help them pull off a cyberattack.

The “inside job” redefined.

The infographic below (based on industry statistics and reports) shows just how resourceful cyberthieves are when it comes to go getting us to help them infiltrate a network they’ve targeted. 

Thrill-seeking hackers versus bored employees: No contest.

A hacker’s job is exciting…for them. It’s a game of cat and mouse, lies and tricks. It’s a numbers game—they know they need to put in the time to get one person on the hook. On the other side of the coin, many employees are overworked, stressed and sometimes bored. Many workers, especially those with office jobs, would rather be somewhere else than behind a desk.

Still, with more employees working remotely, that situation has changed…somewhat.

Remote working, however, has its downsides too. Unless people are technically savvy, and most aren’t, they may have holes in their home-based offices. That makes it easier for cybercrooks to find ways into networks. You can read our article about the risks of working remotely here.

The simple truth about hackers and cyberthieves, and their targets you might find hard to believe is this.

Hackers want to break into our networks and computers more than we want to keep them out.

In other words, hackers have all kinds or tricks up their sleeves to find a way into company’s network, whether they’re a small, medium or large business.

The typical computer user (at home and at work) likely doesn’t spend too much time thinking about cyber-readiness: That’s the term for being prepared to fend of cyber-attacks.

Instead of being cyber-ready, we simply hope that hackers don’t break into our computers and networks—but we don’t spend much time thinking about it, let alone having strategies.

Follow the hacking news and get smarter about cybercrime.

We can’t match cybercrooks trick for trick. What every person can do is simply become more aware that cybercrime is an ongoing, everyday event and that we can learn how to avoid the snares.

Every online encounter you have as an employee (or even at home) should be open to scrutiny. The fact is, the one time you let your guard down may be the day you let a cybercrook into your computer and your network.

We’ve written an expanded article on cyber-readiness that will help raise your awareness of every employee’s responsibility when it comes to preventing cybercrime here.

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