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It's important to understand that you are subject to Google's terms of service and privacy policies.

Am I losing the rights to my image by uploading to Google Lens?

Google offers various services that allow users to upload images, including Google Photos, Google Reverse Image Search, and Google Lens. While these platforms make our lives incredibly convenient, questions often arise regarding the ownership and rights of the uploaded images.  One of the most commonly asked questions regarding these services is whether or not you…

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Is TikTok cancelled in the US?

Is the U.S. Government Going to Cancel TikTok?

If you’re a TikTok user — and let’s face it, who isn’t these days? — you might be wondering if you’ll be allowed to use the app in the coming years. TikTok has gotten heavy criticism over privacy and security issues since 2020, when the Trump administration threatened it with a ban if the Chinese…

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The viral Facebook privacy hoax is a recurring phenomenon where false claims or warnings about privacy and data security

Don’t Fall for This Viral Facebook Privacy Hoax

Facebook is one of the most popular websites in the world. It can be a great place to connect with other people — but it’s also riddled with scams, hoaxes, and fraudulent schemes. One hoax in particular has started making the rounds again recently, and you should be aware of it so you don’t fall…

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How to get someone’s IP Address

3 Ways You Can Get Someone’s IP Address

There could be a number of reasons you want someone’s IP address. You might be trying to create a secure connection between two devices, or allow a certain device to join your company’s network. You might want to blacklist a device while remaining anonymous. Whatever your reasons, there are a few ways you can get…

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Changing the MAC address can help maintain some level of anonymity while accessing public Wi-Fi networks or other public networks.

What is MAC Cloning?

When you hear about cloning in relation to cyber hackers or online activity, you probably think of IP addresses and Internet connections. However, your MAC (Media Access Control) address can be cloned, too. You may find yourself in a coffee shop, with sweat dripping from your nervous brow.  The public WiFi network name is showing…

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TCP/IP commands in Linux are used for various network-related tasks, such as checking network configuration, troubleshooting network issues, and communicating with remote servers.

A Complete List of TCP/IP Commands for Linux in 2023

IP networking is at the center of how today’s smart devices communicate with each other over networks, including the internet.  IP stands for “Internet Protocol,” and it is part of the TCP/IP protocol suite that defines common standards for computer networks to exchange data. In particular, IP governs how unique addresses are assigned to each…

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How to protect personal and confidential data with infosec?

What is InfoSec?

As our lives have become increasingly digital, and more of our data is handled on the Internet, protecting personal and confidential data has become an entire industry. Which industry? InfoSec. If you work in IT or consider yourself a tech person in general, you’ve probably heard of InfoSec. “InfoSec” is an abbreviation of Information Security.…

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Virus detected on a computer

Types of Computer Viruses

“Creeper,” the first computer virus, hit servers over 50 years ago. However, Creeper wasn’t used for nefarious purposes. It was a test to see if programmed code could self-replicate, and it is known as the first “worm” virus.  In the decades since, and especially since the dawn of the Internet, computer viruses have been used…

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