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A phone and laptop displaying emails unread

What Is Email Spoofing – And How Does It Work?

Cyber criminals and spammers use email spoofing to trick email recipients into believing that they have received a message from someone they know or an account they trust.  To commit an email spoofing attack, the attacker forges a fake email header, which then displays a familiar (but fraudulent!) name to the recipient.  Because most people…

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A hacker working in high speed computer

What Is XSS?

The threat of a cyber attack can strike terror in the hearts of anyone who spends time online. From hacks against individuals like phishing schemes or evil twinning, to large scale cyber attacks such as malware and ransomware, it seems like malevolent hackers lurk in every corner of the Internet.   The good news is that…

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An image displaying a close-up of a web input for a login and password

What SQL Injection Is & How It Works

SQL injection is a mechanism that cyber attackers use to interfere with application queries to a database. Specifically, SQL injection exploits a security vulnerability and gives hackers access to data that they shouldn’t have access to. How SQL Injection Works To understand SQL injection (SQLi), you have to first understand code injection and SQL. “Code…

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A person holding a clamshell mobile phone.

What Is Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)?

Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is a packet-switching protocol that was designed for micro-browsers. Most mobile wireless networks and mobile phones from 1999-2010 used WAP to access the Internet.  For years, WAP provided the framework so that wireless devices can communicate instantly between themselves and the Internet. Today, WAP is essentially obsolete, as modern mobile browsers…

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A woman paying online using her credit card

What Is Personally Identifiable Information (PII)?

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is an important concept in privacy laws and online security.  Put simply, PII is any information that can be used to identify an individual. PII can be one piece of information that identifies a person, or it could be information that must be combined with other relevant data to successfully identify…

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What are the benefits of SOCKS5 proxy?

The world of technology is full of tools to help protect your online security. At times, the plethora of tools available may seem overwhelming. However, whether you’re protecting your professional or personal online presence, understanding the privacy options you have is paramount. One option at your disposal is SOCKS5 proxy. It sounds super technical and…

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Close-up photo of person typing on laptop

What is Base64 encoding?

For those who don’t work in IT, coding terminology can feel a bit overwhelming. However, developing basic knowledge surrounding beneficial encoding and online security measures is easier than you might think.   One such term is Base64 coding. It may sound like a phrase used in science fiction films, but it’s actually an integral component in…

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A finger pointing a a search bar for ip addresses

How to find a website’s host provider by IP Address?

Not all websites are created equal. Some may inspire you with their design and content and their high user traffic. You may feel compelled to build your own website and host it with the inspirational site’s provider. Others may include misinformation or plagiarism, and you want to see the website taken down. In both of…

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