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Team Spencer

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How to Know if You’re a Victim of People Hacking (aka Social Engineering)

Have you ever received an “Important Message Alert!” or “Warning: Your Computer is at Risk” pop-up while on a random website?  Or, have you ever fallen prey to the “IRS is coming to arrest you” phone calls?  Most people detect these scams before they can wreak major harm, but they exist because some people fall…

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A Guide to Essential Home Router Terminology: What You Need to Know

So you’ve decided to purchase and set up your home router system. How much time could it possibly take? You’ve opted out of your internet provider’s offer to rent you equipment and set it up for you. You want to ensure that all security measures for your router are maintained by you and not your…

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Modems vs Routers vs Switches: What’s the Difference and How Do You Keep Each Secure?

Having access to the internet has become so common now that it’s considered a basic human right by many. But that doesn’t mean setting up and maintaining a home network is easy. Home networks can’t work without specific network devices, which you probably have at least some awareness of. If you have internet access at…

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Why You Need a VPN to Protect Your Online Privacy

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have existed since the dawn of the Internet. However, you probably didn’t hear about these secure portals to your web activity until 2005. Almost all of the well-known VPN providers began in or after 2005, including StrongVPN (one of the most widely used and highly-rated VPNs, NordVPN wasn’t released until 2012). …

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How to Stay Safe in the Physical World and Defend Yourself in Public

As humans who live in societies with other humans, we have to be aware of the fact that someone else might try to hurt us. That doesn’t mean you should be afraid of everyone; it just means that you should learn how to be more aware. You should also know how to defend yourself if…

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Scam Survivors Support Groups

No matter how careful you are, you can still fall victim to an online scam. Scammers have upped their game and can spoof even the most trusted websites, making it difficult to tell the difference between a trusted site like Amazon or Paypal and a scam site, developed to mine for sensitive information.  The financial…

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Catfished: A Cautionary Tale

The term “catfished” is often used when a stranger reaches out to you and isn’t entirely forthcoming about their personal details. However, most catfish create an entirely false persona–nothing they share with online friends ultimately proves real. According to Review 42, 53% of online dating profiles contain lies, 83% of Facebook profiles are fake (that’s…

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How to Obtain and Set Up a Static IP Address

Imagine calling your favorite carry out restaurant to place an order, only to find that they changed their phone number without warning…again. This is similar to an IP address that changes frequently when you log on to your computer, also known as a dynamic IP address. There are many reasons to make the switch to…

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