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Steve Lauri

Teen boy on his laptop.

Teen Boys Are Being Blackmailed by Scammers.

Scammers have a scheme for every age group, because every age group today congregate somewhere online, looking for connections, information and more. For teenage males, that “more” is often connections with new female friends online. And that’s what scammers are exploiting these days. According to a story in the Wall Street Journal in November of…

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Meme: Not Sure If This Is a Scam or the Best Job Ever

Job Scams Are Growing! Don’t Lose Money While Trying to Make Money!

Job scams—supposed employment opportunities that are actually schemes set up by criminals to take your money. Not only are fake job listings on the rise, according to experts, but they’re also getting extremely hard to detect. There was a time when there were certain giveaways—bad spelling, poorly designed websites and ads—but not anymore.

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Dangerous Things We Do Online

Here are The Dangerous Things We Do Online Without Knowing It.

Hackers and cybercrooks count on people to have bad online or computer habits—they know there’s a high percentage of us that are too busy to take even a few simple steps that would make us less vulnerable.

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Two-Factor Authentication: Worry-Free

How to Beat Scammers and Phishers at Their Own Game!

2FA is an extra step at login that ensures only you can log into your accounts, EVEN IF someone has your username and password!

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What, Me Worry?

Internet Truths: What You Should Realize Before Using the Internet Again.

You can do everything on a phone or computer: Shop. Bank. Make new friends. Become famous! So, what’s to worry about?  Actually, more than you think, and maybe more than you want to know.

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Used-car salesman

Trusting Your ISP? Rethinking Reliability

It’s not illegal for ISPs to provide information to third parties. They are, in fact, able to collect data on which of their subscribers (identified by their IP addresses) visit certain sites or have shown interest in certain topics, and they do sell that to third parties. 

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Check out the best safety and privacy gifts for 2021.

Check Out These Safety and Privacy Gifts for 2021

Forget the coffee mug, sweater or box of regifted candy this holiday season. Check out these great safety and privacy gifts for 2021.

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Image of a man standing next to a huge brain

Here’s How to Choose a VPN: Don’t Overthink It and It’ll Be Fine

We’re not all IT (internet technology) types, but don’t tell that to VPN review sites! They make it hard to compare or choose a VPN. Turns out, with the VPN Simplifier from, how to choose a Virtual Private Network is a no-brainer.

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