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Michael Hernandez

Data Breach

A Data Breach Check Tells if Your Personal Information Has Been Stolen

We look at that news differently. looks at how news of another network attack affects the customers of that attacked company. We wonder how it affects you (because perhaps you’re a customer of the company) and want you to know what you should do. There’s a reason for that: the “sensitive data” that was…

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User Agent: You can't get on the Internet without one.

Without a User Agent, You Can’t Get on the Internet.

(Don’t Worry. You Have One.) Most of the time, technical terms can be…well, just too technical for the average Joe with a computer.  User Agent, or UA, is one such term. A User Agent is any computer application or system that helps you get onto the internet and access online content.  User agents include web…

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7 Scary Truths About the Internet

Why Use a VPN? Because the Internet Has 7 Serious Built-in Flaws.

Why should you use a VPN, Because as great as the Internet is, it has many drawbacks that hit close to home. In other words, the quirks and downside of our online connections can affect us in real ways.You’re probably wondering if this is more hype than fact. It’s not an exaggeration. Let’s look at seven very real weak-points of the Internet.

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Internet Privacy Myth: You can’t keep spies out of your online life.

These are realities of our day and age and the technology we all use. Our privacy has been diminishing for years, and it can feel hopeless. The good news is, you can fight back and regain your privacy by using a VPN.

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Restricted Area: Do Not Enter

Internet Restrictions Myth: You Can’t Solve Censorship, Netflix Geo-Blocks.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) lets you get around the walls that websites, networks and countries put up to deny you access to content you have a right to see. Once you connect to your VPN, a website can no longer see or “know” your actual IP address: They see an IP address that’s not on a “block” list, because it’s one provided by your VPN. 

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Woman using her free WiFi at a coffeehouse

Internet Experience Myth: You Can’t Get More Security, Privacy or Access.

We keep losing online privacy, safety and access to content. Most people think that’s simply the state of their internet experience today, and they think there’s nothing you can do about improving their internet experience. Good news is, they’re wrong!

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Internet Security Myth: There’s No Way to Improve Your Online Safety.

Once hackers have breached a network and stolen account information, they can — at their leisure — access your accounts as if they were you.”

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