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Michael Hernandez

Free VPNs from Top Providers

A Top-Rated FREE VPN Could Make Your Holidays Great and Safe!

You might not know this, but some of the top-rated VPNs (that charge only a few dollars a month for their subscription plans) also offer a FREE VPN plan. These free versions provide the security and privacy you need when you need it.

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Year-end Savings for Years to Come

HOLIDAY VPN DEALS ALERT: Get a Fully Loaded VPN for Just a Few Dollars a Month

If you know about VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) and have been waiting for the lowest monthly cost for a top-rated VPN (maybe under $3.00!) check out the Holiday VPN Deals that are available right now!

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Seniors at a community center working on computers

How, Where and Why to Donate Your Computer…and Do It 100% Safely.

Thousands of usable computers are tossed into Iandfills or closets every week. There’s a way to donate your computer without a trace of who owned it first.

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Cryptocurrency Scams

Cryptocurrency Scams Are Keeping Pace with Cryptocurrency’s Popularity!

If you’re interested in cryptocurrency, do research before you invest! Talk to people you know and trust for advice.

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Multilevel Marketing: Should You Invest Your Time and Effort in It?

Is multilevel marketing, also called “direct selling,” a way to make extra income or a way to help someone else get rich quick?

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Mandrake Android Virus

Mandrake Spyware Could Be Lurking Inside Your Android Phone

Cybercrooks know people live on their phones and scammers have shifted plenty of attention to attacking our smartphones, as they do with our computers. They’ll send your phone text messages and emails with links to corrupted files that have virus and spyware.

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T-Mobile Data Breach Affects 50 Million

T-Mobile Hack: You Should Be Concerned Even If You’re Not a Customer

The T-Mobile hack proves the sad reality that until companies and agencies are extremely serious about combating the relentless assaults by hackers, there will always be another story about a significant data breach.

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Data Breach

Four Great Reasons to Use A “Data Breach Check” Tool Sooner Than Later

Here’s the point about data breaches. If someone has a lot of general information about you and then has access to your passwords, that could mean other accounts will soon be compromised.

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