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Michael Hernandez

Man caught up in data breach

Some Key Data Breaches of 2022 and Why You Should Care.

The average person has no idea about the data breaches that occurred in 2022 and how many occur over a year’s time. Here’s some information about network attacks that will open your eyes and cause some concerns. The number of reported data breaches in 2022 were approximately 4,100. Most likely, that number will go up…

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Bank Imposter Scam

These Are the Questions Your Bank Will Never Ask You.

Maybe you’re wondering what kind of questions your bank will never ask you. That’s a great thing to know, because it will also be part of the awareness that will help you avoid falling for a scam and losing money.

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Holiday Season Scams

‘Tis the Holiday Season (and the Season for Holiday Scams)

Con artists also know you’ll be busy with parties, get-togethers and year-end work projects, which means you’ll be distracted and might let your guard down. Stay alert, be smart and follow this advice.

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Senior Getting Scammed

The Never-Ending Scams on Seniors

Con artists adapt to the times, technology and trends, so they’ll use a variety of approaches to target seniors. The fact that seniors have some familiarity with technology and are comfortable with texts, emails and phone calls makes a con artist’s job simpler.

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Kevin Mitnick - Most Notorious Hacker

How Kevin Mitnick Went from the FBI’s Most Wanted List to Successful Businessman…and Good Guy

Hacking has almost become its own industry, nut in Kevin Mitnick’s time, it wasn’t like that. Kevin Mitnick gained his fame because he was among the most notorious of the early hackers.  

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Butchery Scam Shop

“Pig Butchering” Combines Text Scams, Crypto Scams and More

Pig butchering, a horrible name for a large theft of money, starts with a scam texts that have become a big problem, especially in the U.S.

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Text Scams on Your Smartphone

Scam Texts Are Robbing Us of Millions of Dollars. Here’s Why.

Start looking at all text messages you get with a wary eye! If this subject is new to you, good. It means you haven’t been tricked yet by a scammer through a text message you’ve received on your phone.  But here’s a guarantee. Scam texts are heading your way. We live on our phones and…

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scam texts

ALERT: Scam Texts, the Latest Dirty Trick!

You need to be up to speed on “smishing,” the text message trick scammers use to capture victims. The more you know the better you’ll be at catching a deceptive text before you reply.  

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