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Michael Hernandez

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Parental Control Software: The Best Ones for Protecting Kids Online

The internet has became a monster.
Every day and every minute. It is the biggest influence on your childrens’ thoughts, dominates their time, steals their focus and lures them into a world that’s more illusion than reality.

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What Parents Need to Know About Popular Apps Their Kids Are Using

Three Popular Apps Not Safe for Kids: Instagram, Discord, Snapchat

Here are three well-known social media platforms that are readily available to kids (and predators) to know about. They could easily land them into trouble, according to the website,

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Dangers Online. Are You On The Safepath?

There are Dangers Online. How Can You Get On the Safe Path?

You could lower the risk of running into any troubles online, and get on the Safepath, with just a handful of steps that are fairly simple to do, meaning not very technical.

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Check Fraud is Happening More Often

Check Fraud Alert! Your Parents and Grandparents Probably Still Like Writing Checks.

If a criminal can get their hands on someone’s personal check, they can alter the check using a variety of methods and direct the payment to themselves. They can alter the information on check amount, so, for example a $50 donation to a charity becomes a $500 payment to a total stranger.

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iPhone Safety for Seniors

Making Phones Hack-Proof for Seniors, Friends and Family.

There are number of ways seniors can be fooled by scammers via their phones. However, there are seven ways we can help seniors and others be more scam savvy.

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Parental Controls

Parents Must Take Control Keep Kids Safe Online.

You think it would be obvious or automatic that parents would be in control of what their own children are doing or seeing online. Sadly, that’s not the case. Not even close. It’s not even necessarily a battle between parents and the world of the internet. It’s a battle between parents and their children as well.

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Cryptocurrency Recovery Scam

Crypto Recovery Scams Pile on the Loss and the Pain.

The scammers (or pretenders) who claim to be able help victims recover money in a crypto fraud cases are lying. They’re giving false hope to the desperate victims while taking their money along the way.

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