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Michael Hernandez

A Password Manager Plus Two-Factor Authentication: The One-Two Punch That Knocks Hackers Out!

As a super strong extra layer of security, two-factor authentication prevents a thief who knows your login credentials from signing in.

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Frustrated Hacker

Using A Password Manager Drives Hackers Crazy!

“The single best thing someone can do to better protect their accounts is to choose and use a password manager,” explains Chris Parker, CEO of “With that simple decision, you significantly improve your account security.”

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Password Strength Meme

Password Tips: The ABCs of Protecting Your Bank Account.

Even though your account passwords seems like the basic place to start, cybersecurity experts say starting there takes care of most of your account security and worries.

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Data Breaches from 2023

Data Breaches from 2023: A Close Look at the Important Ones

And what that means for you. To start with, the average person needs to be aware that organizational data breaches can affect them directly. Yes, data breaches are attacks against large organizations and not individuals—however, organizations have customers and clients, and often the data stolen in a data breach is about the customers, not solely…

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Shocked-looking girl on her smart phone.

Instagram May Not Be Safe for Your Kids

Parents may want to get familiar popular apps because platforms like Instagram may not be safe for youngsters, especially if their kids are using it—which they probably are. It is one of the most popular apps for kids and teens, even it’s not the best place for them to be. As it turns out, Instagram…

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Google Family Link

Google Family Link and Parental Controls

Visit online the Google Safety Center, which includes a link to Google Family Link.

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Medicare Open Enrollment

Medicare Open Enrollment Scams: What to Look Out For!

Whether you have already enrolled in Medicare or will be signing up now or next year, you need to know what type of contact from Medicare and insurance programs are legitimate and what types are not. Scammers wont be happy, but you’ll be safer.

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Internet Privacy Requires a VPN.

Internet Privacy Is Hard to Come By…Unless You Use a VPN.

A person or an organization could (without you knowing it) see what websites you visit, deny you access to their website, create a profile of you based on your activity, find out where you live and even hack into your network. They can do it when your home and it can also happen when you’re at an airport, a hotel or coffeehouse.

How? They’re able to do it because they see and know your IP address.

That is where a VPN (Virtual Private Network) comes into play. It hides your IP address and from there it works like magic.

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