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Michael Hernandez

Boy holding sign that reads: Family killed by ninjas. Need money for karate lessons.

Crazy Scams that People Actually Fell For

There are always people eager to make fast and easy money and
lonely adults are always looking for romance online. That’s why even crazy scams work.

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It must be the collar!

Why Do Weight-Loss Scams Work? Don’t Find Out the Hard Way

Weight-loss scams and other health fraud are a part of our digital lives. More than that, there’s no one preventing scammers or money-hungry companies from peddling their alluring but ineffective products on us. 

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Fernando Corbato

The Guy Who Invented the Password Did It Out of Need, Not Security

The idea of using login passwords today is so common that it seems incredible that anyone would have had to invent it. 

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What to Know About a Data Breach

What to Know About Data Breaches (and Why You Should Worry)

Fact is, most of don’t know much about data breaches beyond what we might hear about now and then. What we should all know this: when cybercrooks attack a business, hospital, or any organizations, the impact can hit very close to home. No Surprise Here: Data Breaches Are on the Upswing There’s not much good…

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New Year's Resolution: I Will Be Password Smart (with the help of a Password Manager)

Password Security, Simplicity and a Stress-Free Life: Sound Good to You?

Getting a password manager is a very wise thing to do. As you start to explore all its offerings (once you sign up for one!) you’ll know you made a smart move.

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Fix Your Credit Here

Credit Repair Scams Alert: How to Improve Your Credit and Stay Safe.

A credit repair company is not in the business of reviving, improving or boosting your credit score. While your credit score might improve a bit with the help of a credit repair company, that’s not their goal.

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Scams by Generation

The Scams by Generation Will Surprise You

Roll back the clock forty years ago, and the senior citizens of that day were likely the most targeted age group. Today, however, technology and societal interaction has changed that.

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Prevent Identity Theft This Holiday Shopping Season

The holidays provide a good time for you to take steps to prevent identity theft. These are basic precautions that important year-round. And they’re especially important during the busiest season for families, shoppers and cybercriminals.

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